I am a sucker for new makeup products! The commercials are so enticing that I give in and run to Target to get the latest from Maybelline, CoverGirl, and L’Oreal. I’m always trying different types of mascara because I have yet to find the perfect one for volume and length. Its either one or the other. When I saw the commerical for the “New Pulse Perfection” I was immediately hooked. So of course I went to Target and spent $12 and went home to see my eyelashes transformed. I was SOLD and was convinced that this was a great buy after the first two applications.
The third day that I used the mascara I was a little annoyed. I realized it took forever to apply the mascara. The pulses were very weak and I found myself applying it manually. To top it off the vibrating noise was too annoying. I tried again and still wasn’t impressed, the mascara wasn’t separating my lashes as well as I would have liked and so I just stop using it and went back to my Colossal and Lash Blast mascaras.

I am not going to buy it again. It did not live up to my expectation. I’m going to continue my quest for the best mascara. Hopefully other people’s experiences with the “Pulse Perfection” was better than mine.

So whenever we pick up a fashion magazine whether its Essence, Cosmopolitan, Elle, or Glamour, the pages are not just filled with the latest trends and fashions, there is also beauty tips. We want to know how to create smoky eyes [check the post from last week], and how to wear red lipstick (trust me everyone does not know how to do this and not look like Ronald McDonald) well Cosmo has created something I like to call the “Beauty Bible.” It’s the ultimate guide to looking gorgeous. Tips on hair, make-up, flawless complexion and a section on what guys say about a woman’s beauty regimen, smoky eyes look more like black eyes…lol…. I think it’s a great buy, especially for the price under $15. It is definitely like a “one stop shop.”
click here to order less than $15

Here are the FIVE essential items to change your look from
1. Black Eyeliner– Black eyeliner will always provide a dramatice effect for the eyes. You will definitely be fierce with an evening eye, preferably smokey. Instead of going for your pencil, try a liquid eyeliner for bolder color and more definition. MAC Liquid Eyeliner $16.50
2. A Signature Scent-This scent is your confidence booster. When you walk in the room you will not only look fly, but when you walk by, you will leave a subtle reminder to those behind you. My signature scent is my Juicy Couture….When I wear it, I know that I smell like heaven. 3. A Killer Pair of Heels-I call these the SHOW STOPPERS. The shoe can make or break the outfit so you want to make a statement! If you are on a budget, like me, you can get the Louboutin feel with out paying the Louboutin price….but I’m working on my pair of RED BOTTOMS! http://www.bakershoes.com/ Chantel $70

4. A Metallic Clutch
-A metallic clutch is a definite way to bring out the evening look. This spring Metallic is one of the many trends so you will definitely be able to find one at a reasonable price. Check H&M, Forever21, Daffy’s, Macy’s if you don’t want to shell out the Gucci $$$$. Choose subtle tones like gold, silver, or pewter. Try to stay away from the Metallic pinks, and greens, it may be a little too much. Miu Miu Oversized Clutch
5. A Fly Cocktail Ring-The bigger the better! The cocktail ring is flattering on everyone and it can be a great way to spark up a conversation.