Last November I attended the launch of Beautiful Textures Intense Moisture, a new hairline geared toward mixed hair types (curly, kinky, wavy, frizzy). I answered a question correctly and won the entire hair care collection. This review will focus on the Moisture Butter since it is the product that I have used the most and can write an honest review about.

At the Beautiful Textures Launch the focus was mainly on the importance of keeping your hair moisturized. My hair was color treated and began breaking off because of the lack of moisture. It was very dry and brittle. So when I received the product I was excited to see if I could nurse my hair back to a healthier state.

Beautiful Textures Intense Moisture Butter

Enriched with Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Soy, Argan Oil, Shea and Mango Butter

 Achieve amazing manageability and styling versatility for Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily or Frizzy hair. Get soft defined curls, bodacious bouncy spirals, and smooth silky tresses with this Intensive Moisture-Rich Formula for mixed textured hair.


  • Soften and Nourish Curls ~ Silken Waves
  • Elongate Kinky Coils ~ Tame Frizzies

Dry, brittle, thirsty hair stunts natural growth. To help ensure locks reach their full growth potential, refresh and hydrate your mixed textured hair every day with Moisture Butter.

 Moisture Butter helps maximize the styling options of mixed textured hair by helping achieve softer, more defined curls, healthier looking elongated coils, or simply silky-smooth hydrated hair.

My Thoughts

I really like the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter. It does exactly what it says that it will do. My hair was colored in the front and broke off really badly from the lack of moisture. I applied a small amount of the the moisture butter and every morning and night sealed with oil and within a month my hair was starting to grow back. After I began this new process I changed my hair regimen which I will share with you at a later time. My roots (new growth) were very manageable and not brittle. My only issue was that if I applied too much my hair began to look limp and lifeless so it definitely use sparingly. After applying it to my nape and my edges I began applying it all over my head. When I applied it at night, I would wake up with such soft hair. I was very impressed. When it was time for a relaxer, I applied the moisture butter to my edges and my edges were tamed and smooth.


  1. Smell- it has a tropical smell that I really like
  2. Softens hair- my hair was noticeably softer after a few applications
  3. Price $6.99
  4. Smooths out edges.


  1. If you apply to much it weighs your hair down
  2. Does not contain all natural products- this was a major concern for me now that I am nursing my hair back to a healthier state and trying to grow my hair out. Natural products are always best. Although many of the main ingredients are natural there is still a considerable amount of non-natural products in the moisture butter.

Scale of 1 to 5- I give this product a 3.8 (random I know lol) If it contained all natural products it would have been rated higher, but it does keep my hair moisturized but it is also a little heavy and weighs the hair down. Other than that it is great.

Beautiful Textures can be purchased online, at your nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply Store or many other local beauty supply stores across the country. Click here for more info.

I hope this was helpful!

Have you tried any products from this line?


Each attendee will not only walk away with inspiration and education, but a product gift will be provided by Schwarzkopf

New York, NY (March 2012) – The Powder Group is pleased to announce the return of their hair styling education program, this time around with Hair Room Service founder Michael Dueñas leading the way! Michael will be presenting two amazing events this month in NYC – Building Your Basic Hair Kit andOn Set Hair Styling!

 These events are the perfect way to gain a better understanding of the tools and techniques that will help you understand the working process for your entire creative team as well as give you a solid introduction to the products and techniques that you can use to begin, or update, your own work in hair. They are perfect for every makeup artist who wants to gain an understanding of the important cross-over area of hairstyling!



Michael Dueñas

Building Your Basic Hair Kit 03/24/2012 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Having at least a basic understanding of hair is essential for many makeup artists working today. In this first time seminar celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas demystifies the many tools and products of professional hairstylist and makes it easy for beginners to understand what they need to form the foundations of a basic styling kit if they are looking to add styling to their resume.

 Michael Dueñas

On Set Hair Styling For Every Artist 03/24/2012 3:00pm – 5:00pm

As budgets tighten and the makeup market becomes more saturated, building a skill set that differentiates you from other makeup artists is necessary. In this seminar celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas takes you through some basic on set styling that works for bridal, editorial or any area of the industry. From understanding a blowout to a simple up-do Michael teaches you the techniques that have him working with celebrities including, Kim Cattrall, Lady Gaga, the cast of Glee and Padma Lakshmi.

$45 for TPG Pro members for all each class
$65 for non-members

Classes are located at Make Up For Ever studio, 8 East 12th Street, NYC, NY 10035

*Product is supplied for use in the program.
*A product gift from Schwarzkopf will be provided to all attendees.

To register for our hairstyling events click hereor

Our concept is simple: To inspire your craft. To strengthen your career. To connect you to the global makeup artist community. At The Powder Group we ask you to open your mind to new – sometimes unexpected – ways of experiencing the career of the professional makeup artist. We encourage you to develop a new set of skills, rethink techniques and take an unconventional, fresh and passionateapproach to growing as an artist. We encourage a strong sense of community and present our events and programs in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. We offer a diverse range of topics that combine artistic and business skills, personal growth, and creative thinking in order to develop the artist as a whole.

  Founded by Michael DeVellis and developed with James Vincent – a team with a combined 30 plus years in the pro-beauty industry – The Powder Group provides unprecedented access to the most current and real-life ways of thinking about your career.

Our presenters have been more than 100 of the top experts from the areas of film, television, theater, fashion and editorial. And over the past seven years, we have created and presented hundreds of educational experiences in more than a dozen cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Dallas, New Orleans, Boston and Provincetown. Our events have touched thousands of artists, from every corner of the globe.

 Whether you are a new artist or aseasoned professional, looking to refocus your entire makeup career or simply pick up some tips on strengthening your business, The Powder Group is your best career-driven resource for all things makeup.

 About Michael Dueñas

 Michael Dueñas Founder and CEO of Hair Room Service is a versatile stylist with enthusiasm, insight and creativity. He has traveled and earned industry recognition as an educator and artistic team member for major companies, including Carlton Hair International, Schwarzkopf and Devachan. His love of the craft happened unexpectedly when he was 13 years old and was surfing in California with a few friends who owned a hair salon. He was invited to hang out in their salon. As soon as he was old enough to apprentice his dream began. Passion grew and he eventually became a stylist.. When Dueñas realized how beautiful and happy his clients were when they left his chair, he knew he’d found his creative outlet.

Dueñas was best able to express his creativity through education. Teaching all over the United States, his passion grew by the day. Through education he found freelance work and was drawn toward editorial work and photo shoots. After realizing his passion was growing for photo work, Dueñas took the next step. He packed his bags and moved from California to New York to increase his client base on both coasts.

Now an experienced celebrity stylist with eight years of education and experience in the industry, Dueñas is using the knowledge he’s gained to create something truly unique with HAIR ROOM SERVICE. As a national educator for Schwarzkopf, he is always up-to-date with the latest trends in both fashion and hair. Through his teachings and travels, Dueñas has gained extensive knowledge from the industry and generously shares his expertise with others. Dueñas works with a growing list of celebrities and is represented by Exclusive Artist Management.

Over the past few years we have seen a surge in African-American women saying goodby to their relaxed hair and embracing their natural locks. There also has been, what one may view as, a nasty fight between #TeamNatural and #TeamRelaxed. Within the past year it seems like what some may have viewed as “hype” has now become more accepted in to the mainstream. Many women of color were afraid to rock their natural with the fear of being judged and ostracized. I never promoted or condoned the entire #TeamRelaxed or #TeamNatural feud. It seemed like parties from both ends were attacking each other instead of promoting #TeamHealthyHair. We have so many options when it comes to hair and I feel that people should do what fits their lifestle- activities and budget, and whatever they prefer.

With more and more research linking relaxers to cancer, fibroids and other health issues, many women are making the switch and beginning to transition. Even though a lot of the research has been found inconclusive, women all over the world are not taking any chances and are beginning to transition.

With the natural hair market now in the spotligh of African-American Hair Care brands are taking notice. Carol’s Daughter has always been one step ahead. For years they’ve created hair care products that would suit the natural diva. In an interview with Huffington Post Black Voices Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter revealed

“We’re so excited about the upcoming launch of the ‘Transitioning Movement.’ Carol’s Daughter has always been a champion of embracing your individual beauty, and this is one more way that we’re giving women the encouragement and tools they need to make it happen”

Take a look at a promo video for the upcoming campaign which will launch in April.

Also Carol’s Daughter “Transitioning Movement” is also looking for “Transitioning Beauties of the Week.” If you are transitioning or are considering transitioning and want to know more about the movement visit the website at

Check out the video with spokesperson Solange Knowles

Rihanna has gone back to the blonde hair. Yes, she has gone back. Everyone is up in arms about her new hair, but this isn’t the first time she’s rocked a blonde do.

This is the first time however that we’ve seen her with long blonde hair. I must say that I like it. She is one person who can pull off almost anything. I don’t like the blonde messy hair with the dark lipstick though-it reminds me of Courtney Love, but when she first debuted the look at the basketball game I was in awe. She looked amazing.

What do you guys think about her new do?

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the press introduction of a new haircare collection called “Beautiful Textures” presented by The Garner Circle at the Tribeca Grand Hotel

Beautiful Textures “Intense Moisture” is a new haircare collection designed for mixed textures- curly, wavy, kinky-coily, and frizzy. At the press introduction National Marketing Director for Strength of nature Global, LLC Charlene Bastien and Natural Hair Stylist, Tress Talk, and Beautiful Texture Ambassador Kimberly Walker were the presenters.

Charlene Bastien shared with us the history of the company and the goal Strength of Nature Global, LLC,  through Beautiful Textures which is to  provide innovative hair care solutions that specifically address the critical hair care needs, styling, and desires for consumers of color

Kimberly Walker of Tress Talk and gave great styling and haircare advice. One thing that she STRESSED was the importance of keeping your hair moisturized and hydrated. Most of the time our hair breaks and lacks shine because of the lack of moisture. The first step in having great hair is using a great shampoo. You can have one of the best conditioners, but if your shampoo is not a moisturizing one your hair will lack moisture.

She also showed us various styling techniques like elaborate pompadours and two-strand twists.

The collection is extremely affordable. Every product is under $7. Here is a list of what the product line consists of

  • Tangle Taming Shampoo $6.29
  • Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner $6.29
  • Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner $6.49
  • Curl Control Defining Pudding $6.49
  • Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme $6.49
  • Shine & Silken Growth Oil $6.49
  • Curlty to Straight Flat Iron Silkener $6.99

The products are enriched with Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Soy, Argan Oil, Shea and Mango Butter. These are great products that will provide moisture and shine to your hair. These are some of the best ingredients. What I love most about these products are although they are designed specifically for natural hair wearers, the products also works well on relaxed and other chemically treated hair. Kim Walker also mentioned that the products are great for transitioners as well.

I attended the event with my friend Kim and we ran in to Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor  and Carmen of Lipstick Fashion Mascara (Love all of their blogs!)

They had three HUGE gift bags to giveaway and I was lucky to be one of the winners! I got the full product line! I started using the products this week. I will have a complete review in the near future, so look out for that.

Beautiful Textures Intense Moisture Collection will be available this winter. So be on the look out! In the meantime connect with them on Twitter @lovinmytextures and on Facebook