I’m all for intrinsic designs when it comes to shoes, but I guess some things I just can’t fathom being practical. That’s why I bring you these luxurious wedges by Zaha Hadid for United Nude

Picture Courtesy of Polyvore

Picture Courtesy of Polyvore

Ok when I first saw this “shoe” I was confused. I had no idea it was a shoe. I was trying to figure out where my foot would go. I looked closer and then realized how intricate the design was.

Check out the description for these $2,180 wedges.

Exclusive edition
160mm Carbon fiber wedge heel
60mm Carbon fiber internal platform
Chrome vinyl upper
Leather lining and insole
Rubber sole

I searched high and low for a pic with a model wearing these, but to my surprise I couldn’t find one. I wonder if they were actually made to be worn or just admired. I can see this in my living room on a bookcase or something as art, but on my foot….no.

So I’m sure you’ve figured out my answer to the title of this post. What’s yours?


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