Loft is one of my go to places for work wear. I love the variety that they offer as well as the modern twist they they add to classic pieces like pencil skirts and sheath dresses. They also have frequent sales so sign up for their email list and become a Loft Insider for additional discounts. Friends and Family discounts are happening right now with 40% off! So here are my top picks of separates that can be put in multiple combinations that will have you looking great at work!

Office Chic: The Loft


  1. Hats are head coverings worn by men, women, and children that over history have served many purposes, from describing a person’s social stature, to protecting against the elements, and, of course, as a fashion statement. One of the first known paintings of a hat appears in an ancient Thebes tomb where a man is depicted in a coolie straw hat. Other recognizable hats such as skullcaps date back to Greek and Roman times. Women wore veils, hoods, and caps. Men’s structured hats quickly followed. Women were wearing similar structured hats by the late 16th century. Out of the Italian city of Milan came the term “Milliner” in the 18th century. Traditionally a woman’s occupation, milliners created hats with the finest fabrics and trim. Over the years hats have changed with times, meeting the needs and fashion trends of the period. Today there are an endless variety of hats available from cowboy hats and fedoras to women’s sun hats and winter beanies.

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  3. From unisex lab coats and soft, pleated pants to comfortable V-neck styles with pockets and drawstring pants, it’s easy to stock up on the medical uniforms and scrubs you love. Ranging in a variety of colors and sizes, our convenient shopping and product filters help you refine your search by shipping option, brand, price, special sizes, color, and more. For a classic wear-to-work basic in a medical environment, the traditional ceil blue medical uniforms never go out of style, but we also offer new, on-trend colors like mint, teal, and coral to brighten up your day and your work wardrobe. Shopping for medical uniforms on a budget or professional clothing allocation? Try filtering or sorting by price to see the most wallet-friendly items first.

  4. Search results for wedding suppliers – Bridalwear Shop. To filter your results by your local region select a County from list below.

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