Sale- offer to be sold; opportunity to sell; made available for purchase

God has blessed us all with special and unique gifts, talents, and abilities. We are supposed to treasure what we were given and not covet what he has blessed others with. Our talents, gifts, and abilities were solely given to us to use as we walk in our purpose. We are given the strength in certain areas to minister people to be a blessing in their lives. We have to value and treasure what God has blessed us with. Sometimes we want more or we want less, but we are given exactly what God knows we can handle.

Often times we want lives similar to others or we want to trade in what we have to get what we perceive to be better. Everything that God gives us is for us and we have to treasure it. Our gifts, talents, and abilities are not for sale. They cannot be traded in because we don’t want to use what we have. We cannot take even the smallest blessing for granted. Whatever you appreciate increases in value because you will take care of it and protect it. What ever we don’t appreciate decreases, so let us not sell our time, talents, gifts, and abilities in hopes of something better. Let us treasure, protect, and use what God has set apart specifically for us.

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