I love coming across little gems such as Meredith Wendell on the internet. I was not familiar with the designer/brand but I happened to see some amazing handbags featured on a particular website. I immediately began to do my research on Meredith Wendell and instantly fell in love. With spring lines being placed in the stores and the warmer temps being a few months away I was plotting on how I could get my hand on one of these bags from the 2013 cruise collection.

Luxe List: Meredith Wendell

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“Meredith Wendell, founded in 2008 by designers Meredith and Wendell German, is a New York based resort-inspired accessories brand, combining unique color and sporty American style.

The creative influence of Meredith Wendell stems from Meredith’s childhood. Raised by her father and grandparents in and around the vibrant Dorothy Draper designed interiors of West Virginia’s Greenbrier Hotel, Meredith was exposed to a variety of design aesthetics, personalities and generations.

This aesthetic has been captured during their collaborations with photographers Frederike Helwig and Chris Brooks and stylist Beth Fenton, shooting seasonal look-books at The Greenbrier, their apartment and Chapel Beach Club. With the inception of her own company, Meredith has drawn on her colorful background, always keeping in mind the value of her family heritage.

Meredith Wendell is sold in boutiques world wide and is featured regularly in domestic and international publications ranging from Vogue to the Wall Street Journal Magazine.” Source

I love finding refreshing lines such as Meredith Wendell. I was immediately drawn in to this collection by the bright and vibrant colors. Of course in the spring and summer you want to go bold with everything and that is exactly what you will get with Meredith Wendell handbags. The colors are eye-catching and the style of bags are very versatile. I also love the color blocking. This trend is still going strong and with bags like these, it will continue to make a huge statement. Check out more options below!

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