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Throughout life we come across many different people or experience different events that have a great impact on our lives. Growing up, we are always asked who is your role model or who influences you. Sometimes it is hard to answer that question because we come across some amazing people in our lives that can easily said. When it comes to events, we have great milestones like weddings, births, graduations, job promotions, and much more.

Now that I am older I look at the question differently and truly understand the meaning of influence. Influence is defined as the capacity, action, power or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc. of another or others. When I look at the definition what sticks out to me is that influence deals with the effects on the actions, behavior, opinions of another. This means that a person or event that is influential must cause you to want to give back or act. Often times we mistake admiration for influence. I can admire many qualities about a person, but just because I admire those qualities doesn’t mean that I have be called to do anything.

There isn’t just one person who influences that I am going to discuss today, I am influenced by the younger generation. I know this may seem strange, but today’s youth have a major impact on how I view things in society. Many people are afraid of the future because of the actions and mentality of the younger generation as a whole. I must say that there are times where I have to give MANY of them the side eye because of their actions. They influence me because I want to see them succeed especially because they will be in positions of power when I am older. They will make decisions that will affect me, and I feel many of today’s youth are misguided.

In the age of technology with social media, the age of reality TV, and with the media as a whole, the youth show they are confused and look toward the wrong sources for inspiration. I know many people will say that the parents should be more responsible when it comes to raising a child, but in my line of work I have seen very dedicated parents who want the best for their children, but are unable to compete with all of the unrealistic ideas of what life should be like.

I started this blog as a way to help women look good, feel great, and live better. We need to focus more on the younger generation to dispel myths about body image, popularity, “reality TV” and so forth. We have to teach them about tolerance and celebrating differences because we are all wonderfully and uniquely made. The younger generation influences me to be a better person and role model because I have many people who look up to me. I need to be more of a positive role model to show them that it is ok if you do not follow in the footsteps of your favorite reality star and their unrealistic life. We glorify the negative images and it will take a lot more work to help renew their thinking. We need to encourage them to be more creative and hardworking to know that many things in life do not come easy.

In my career field I give back on a daily basis. Whether it is just my time, my knowledge, or my advice I have a huge impact on many people daily. I want to have more of a direct mentoring role for young women especially to help their transition in to adulthood and for them to have a positive self-esteem and want to become productive citizens in society. I have a group of girls that I currently mentor and they influence and inspire me to do more because of the great progress that I see them making.

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Want to woo your valentine with a hot new look? Or maybe you just want to look FABulously Chic for a night out with your girls… Kim & Janique of FABulously Chic are giving one lucky lady the opportunity to win a sultry makeover using your current wardrobe and cosmetics*.

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In the fashion industry today, high-end designers creating low-end lines with retailers like Target and H&M is becoming more and more popular. Now I haven’t been excited for a collab collection in quite some time, but I must say I am super excited for the Prabal Grubbing collection for Target. As I was scrolling through the cookbook I just kept squealing. This collection has everything that I love about spring at great prices. There are tons of floral prints, bright and bold colors, flirty skirts and dresses and lots more. Take a look at the collection that will hit Target stores on February 10th. The apparel collection range from $19.99-$199.99. Accessories and shoes range from $12.99-$39.99.

Florals, bright colors, peplum, ladylike dresses, ankle strap shoes

Florals, bright colors, peplum, ladylike dresses, ankle strap shoes

More prints and florals, and one of the season's it colors "sulfur"

More prints and florals, and one of the season’s it colors “sulfur”

You won't have the blues with these pieces. Loving the motorcycle style jacket.

You won’t have the blues with these pieces. Loving the motorcycle style jacket.

Radiant in red ruffles and poofy a-line dresses.

Radiant in red ruffles and poofy a-line dresses. Check out the printed open-toe ankle booties

Black and white will reign supreme in the spring. Prabal Gurung sets the tone.

Black and white will reign supreme in the spring. Prabal Gurung sets the tone.

We can't forget the accessories! Handbags, totes, shoes of all styles all ranging from $12.99-39.99

We can’t forget the accessories! Handbags, totes, shoes of all styles all ranging from $12.99-39.99

The collection is available in Target stores and online on February 10, 2013

British model, rapper, singer, and song writer Alesha Dixon has been making her promotional rounds as a judge for Britain’s Got Talent. I was not familiar with Alesha until I saw her appearing on many of my favorite websites. I’ve seen pictures and would go, “oh wow she looks awesome.” She is definitely on the HGB Style Radar. Take a look at some of her looks over the last few weeks.

Celebrity Sightings In London - January 21, 2013

How amazing is this look! She  wore a silver metallic skirt with a “chill” sweatshirt, and white pumps. I am not a fan of white shoes, unless your a 6 year-old going to Easter Sunday service, but the pumps work with this look.


Now let’s get in to the high double split and her amazing arms. You definitely need a toned body to rock this look. I love how the accessories are kept simple because of the intricate design of the belt.


White suit anyone? This look is so sophisticated. It shows that knows how to rock a classic look. The pants are perfectly tailored and I love the slight flare with the nude point toe nude pump.


Ms. Dixon is giving me life with this printed look. I love a bold print and she is making me wish spring was here right now! The color block pumps compliment the look well because of the color scheme. The key to mixing prints is to find complimentary colors and to make sure the prints share at least one of the same base colors. The blazer shows she means business. This look is my absolute favorite.

alesha dixon

Flirty and fun is how I would describe this look. The swing skirt (which is on trend for the spring) shows off her legs and the metallic cap-toe pump helps elongate the leg. The shoulders are strong and structured and paired with a white blouse and silver bolo (bola) tie. She is giving modern-western here with this look.

Alesha Dixon is definitely my new style crush! You can tell that she is comfortable in her skin and her looks and she is not conforming to what is popular in the industry right now. Her style is right up my alley. She has the edge, but you can also tell there is a sweet and classy element to her look as well. I will be on the look out for Alesha Dixon the rest of the year!

What do you think about her style?



According to WebMD 

Stress is what you feel when you have to handle more than you are used to. When you are stressed, your body responds as though you are in danger. It makes hormones that speed up your heart, make you breathe faster, and give you a burst of energy. This is called the fight-or-flight stress response.

Some stress is normal and even useful….

But if stress happens too often or lasts too long, it can have bad effects. It can be linked to headaches, an upset stomachback pain, and trouble sleeping. It can weaken your immune system, making it harder to fight off disease. If you already have a health problem, stress may make it worse. It can make you moody, tense, or depressed. Your relationships may suffer, and you may not do well at work or school.”

When it comes to stress I do not know how to handle it well. It begins to affect me mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and definitely spiritually. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am stressed, but my body tells me. I get back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and much more. Sometimes I can pinpoint the stressors and other times I can’t. I literally say “I don’t even feel stressed” but sometimes it is done subconsciously.

Whether you stress over work, relationships, finances, health, what others think of you, or if you focus on your own shortcomings, that will not help change the situation. Stressing and worrying will not cause your situation to change. It will just make your life more complicated. God does not want us to worry or stress over everything. It states in Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,[a] for those who are called according to his purpose” and so what may seem as a negative situation God can use that to accomplish something much greater. What we need to do is increase our faith and work on things that we can control. Most of the time we stress over things that are beyond our control. Our choices may have gotten us in to a particular situation, but now is the time to make better choices to have better results.

Jeremiah 29:11 states “11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Well do we honestly believe this? God has over 8,000 promises in the bible. He does not want us to stress over something that He has already taken care of. We have to fully submit to God and know that he is sovereign and in complete control. “Let Go and Let God” is not just a cliche, it is an attitude that we need to adapt to eliminate the unnecessary stress in our life. Some stress in normal and inevitable, but once it starts to affect ALL areas of your life, you have to make a decision on what you are going to do about it.

Our way of thinking gets in the way of our blessings. We spend a lot of time doubting ourselves and thinking that we don’t deserve the best. God wants us to renew our mind. How we think about ourselves must change. I finally had a chance to watch Oprah’s Life Class with one of my favorite pastors, Rick Warren, and he said we must change how we talk to ourselves. As Pastor Rick Warren said “Replace your thoughts and refocus. Whatever gets your attention gets you. Put your mind on the right thing. You either listen to the Word or the World.” Stress comes from worldly thinking and we must remember that we or in the world but not of the world.

One of my biggest issues is taking on the stress of other people. I am a very compassionate person and when I feel the pain of my close family members and friends. Sometimes when a person that I truly care about is going through a tough I time I try to figure out ways I can help, even if I don’t know the entire situation. I need to realize that sometimes my help is not wanted or needed at the moment. The only thing that I can do is let them know that I am here if they need me. Now that type of stress is unnecessary because you can only help a person that wants to be helped. This is when patience comes in to play. Having patience can eliminate a lot of the stress we experience as well. Focusing on things that are out of your control is just pointless. I can only control my thoughts and actions. I need to lead by example and keep my loved ones in prayer.

God does not want us to lead stressful lives. He wants us to live long, healthy, and prosperous lives and so we must work toward doing that.

Here are some tips to help reduce the amount of stress in your life. This will not happen overnight, as you know change is the only constant in life and it is not an event it is a process.

  • Renew your way of thinking! Think about the law of attraction. Be positive
  • Time Management– You may get more done with less stress if you make a schedule. Get organized! Create a To-Do List
  • Take care of your body-  get plenty of rest, eat well, do not smoke, minimize alcohol intake
  • Communicate- Express yourself. Lack of communication causes stress.
  • Ask for help– Although you may want to, you can’t do everything by your self
  • Exercise-Regular exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress.
  • Write-Start a blog or use a journal. Just get your thoughts and feelings out.
  • Have fun- Do something you enjoy! Get a hobby or visit with friends more often. Volunteering can help also
  • Relax– whether through Yoga, deep breathing, or various forms of meditation. Get a massage, fill your home with therapeutic scents ( lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon) just relax!
  • Music-there are healing powers in music so put on some soothing jazz or gospel. Maybe even conscious rap and spoken word will help someone- just leave the ratchet music for party nights
  • Laugh– laughter is the best medicine!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, therefore we are too blessed to be stressed!