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Crop tops have returned and can be seen everywhere at the moment.  From runways, to celebrities to daily street style, crop tops have taken over!

In the past crop tops have gotten a bad rep for being a tad too revealing and “trashy”, however designers this season really put an elegant  and modern twist on the crop top and I am loving the femininity of them.  I also believe that styling is a major key on how to wear the crop top without giving off that “half naked” inappropriate look.

My favorite way to wear a crop top would definitely be with a high waisted skirt – sexy, with a little skin out but still ultra lady-like.

Of course, crop tops are still revealing so make sure you have that mid-section on point Ladies!

Check out some runway looks and some of your favorite celebs wearing crop tops. (as well as some of my favorite cropped tops!)

What to Wear: Crop Tops



Will you ladies be wearing crop tops?


Celebrities like Tika Sumpter, Rocsi, and Angela Simmons have been spotted in these EXTREME Olcay Gulsen pumps. Yes they are extreme with a 7″ heel. The shoe is simply goregous, but I am not sure how practical they are. I can see myself walking from my front door to my car, driving to my destination, taking a few pictures and having a seat the ENTIRE night. It seems like the heels are getting more and more extreme. I used to be afraid to wear anything over 3inches, but now it is hard to wear anything under 4-inches. I am not sure if these shoes will affect  your health/body in the future (they most likely will) but we can worry about that later right? Right now we need between $600-$1,100 for these babies. The python is the most expensive because of the material. They also come in yellow, orange, and nude.

Would you rock these extreme heels from Olcay Gulsen?

This Summer is all about statement bags.  Whether you go for bright colors, bold prints or color blocked handbags let your bag do all the talking.

Statement bags are great because they can really add that “oomph” to a look that is plain or lacking color as well as add an unexpected and fun element to whatever you are rockin’.

The great news is your bag does NOT have to match your outfit so you can cross off all the “do not mix colors and print” rules and LIVE!

Check out some of my favorites below!

Statement Bags
 Check out some other options below:

My absolute favorite New York brand 10.Deep unveil their Summer 2012 collection. Presenting various items from tanks to, caps and bags, the entire range is a testament to their diversity in terms of presenting quality and quantity of goods. A host of energetic prints that run the gamut from camo to Southwest-inspired, the collection is clean! Camo seems to be the print this summer and they held nothing back. The tees obviously knock and accessories such as their caps and bags always hit a grand slam. The pieces can be picked up now from the webshop so make it happen cap’n! Enjoy the previews below…



I’m not sure who made up the “rule” that curvy girls must wear dark, solid bottoms but I’m here to tell you that it’s totally FALSE.

I am a firm believer in wearing clothes that fit and flatter your figure however that doesn’t mean you must stick to dark colors or stray away from patterns and bold colors.

The most important thing about wearing  any pants at any size is the FIT.  That means you should be able to breathe with the pants on, the pants should not be pushing into your sides (creating the “muffin top”), NO CAMEL TOE, and most importantly you should be comfortable in them.  The pants fitting properly and you being comfortable should be your only rule when wearing pants and jeans.

Because colorful and printed trousers and jeans tend to make a loud and bold statement try to pair them with a solid top (if the jeans/pants are printed) or a more subtle toned top (if the jeans/pants are a bright color).

Most importantly HAVE FUN with it – Colors and prints add so many dynamics to ones wardrobe and can really add some flavor to your style.

My favorite’s this season have to be red trousers and floral skinnie’s!

What about you ladies, have you incorporated any printed or colorful pants to your wardrobe?


For the Curvy Girl: Bold Trousers & Jeans