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The Sherwood Cardigan is knitted in fine gauge natural merino yarn. This style has an allover fairisle pattern and is finished with welt pockets and AllSaints signature real horn buttons. It retails for $150

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This week’s Fab Under $50 features mainly H&M items, but also these gorgeous Vince Camuto earrings. Check it out!

Fab Under $50


When you have on a good bra your whole life changes. Ok maybe not your whole life, but definitely your entire look. Through out the year I wait patiently to see commercials or advertisements on the television and newspapers for Macy’s. I look through my Macy’s catalog’s religiously for the words “Bra Sale Buy 2 Get 2 Free.” I was just having this conversation with someone a few weeks ago. I was like man when was the last time Macy’s had a bra sale. Usually, it is buy 2 get 1 free, but that sale doesn’t get me excited.

So yesterday off I went to to rack up on some bras. I had to get fitted because the girls have been growing out of control like I’m going through puberty. It is just ridiculous. I also had a hard time finding the cute bras in my new size. I thought a 34D was a common size but they had almost everything but that. I don’t understand how they can have 2 full racks of As and Bs and one little lonely D rack. If all of the As and Bs are still there and the Ds are all gone, shouldn’t you have more Ds? The Ds that I did find were a 36 and 38. I mean really? Can  you have more of a variety…sheesh. Is that too much to ask?

I tried on about 12 bras and I ended up buying 7 pairs.  2 pairs were packaged together because they were 2 for $29.99. So I spent about $100 for 7 bras. I couldn’t find other bras that fit well so I ended up getting a bra for a family member as my 8th option.

I’ve come to realize that my favorite brand is Maidenform. First off, they always have bras in my size. I didn’t have to search high and low in their section.


I also love Maidenform because they are extremely comfortable. The straps are not too thick or too thin and they provide great support. Their t-shirt bras are my favorite.

Head to your local Macy’s for a proper fitting and to take advantage of such a great sale!

Morning Breeze via The

Ingredients (Serving Size 2)

  • 3 oz. Don Julio Reposado Tequila (25 oz. per bottle)
  • 12 oz. ginger ale
  • 2 lime wedge



  • Add Don Julio Reposado and ginger ale in chilled ice-filled highball glass.
  • Garnish with lime wedge.

Featured Look


Mustard Beauty


Rihanna has been generating a lot of buzz (as usual) around her latest album which is said to hit stores November 21. She has been in Ireland for the past week shooting the video for her new single “We Found Love.” Like with every album, Rihanna switches up her style. Every time you see a hair cut or color change you know she is about to release a new project. It kills me that people always say Beyonce needs to take a break, but no one ever says that about Rihanna. She has released an album every year for the past 7 years with the exception of 2008. Anyway, let me stay on topic lol. Here are a few of her looks that represent her newest image.

I am seriously loving the hair color. It softens her up a little bit, as opposed to the red hair she was rocking for the past year. It looks like she’s added a new tattoo to her forearm. It looks like a dagger, but enough about that, let’s talk about the looks.

She should rock it or drop it?