Welcome Back to Philly (even though I’m in NY lol)

All of my friends and family know that I am a HUGE Allen Iverson fan. Since he entered the league in 96 I was a fan. He is one of the best players of all time. Yes he can be the bad boy of the NBA but one thing’s for sure, he plays with a lot of heart. So when he said he was retiring I was heart broken. I couldn’t understand why the Knicks didn’t want to sign him, but that’s another issue. He recently had a press conference and he showed how he has truly grown and matured. Sure he doesn’t like to practice, but what’s practice lol (kidding). I am glad that he was given a second chance to right his wrongs with the Sixers. Although I cannot stand Philly, I will support AI….(I’m acting like I know him…smh) Oh yeah and I have a brand new Iverson Sixers Jersey from college that  my friend Albert gave me, but I won’t wear it because it is like a 2x and Jersey’s #weoffthat lol Welcome Back AI!


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