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Happy New Year’s Eve…lol Well today’s Thirsty Thursday post is special, on Saturday I went to Eatery in midtown for brunch to celebrate my friend Kathleen’s birthday. So we ordered mimosas, bellinis (peach juice and champagne) and my best friend Erica ordered the Lychee Fizz. We were all fascinated by the little bubbles lol this one woman kept starting at the drink and finally asked what it was and ordered the same drink. Ok enough with the story, but I think it is the best drink for your New Year’s Eve celebration. It is very tasty and when the lychee is dropped in the flute non stop bubbles. It is interesting to look at and very tasty. Here is how you make the Lychee Fizz


  • one bottle of pink champagne or other pink sparkling wine, make sure it is chilled
  • one can of lychee in heavy syrup, make it is chilled too!


  • open the can of lychees. Drain the syrup, keep one cup of the syrup to blend with the lychees. Reserve some lychees for decorations for the champagne flutes
  • put the other half of lychees into a blender with the syrup
  • Blend until the liquid is smooth.
  • Put the smooth lychee nectar into a pitcher
  • Pour in the pink champagne or pink sparkling wine…slowly, so it doesn’t bubble up, stir.
  • drop one lychee per champagne flute, and pour the champagne and lychee nectar into the flute.
  • Make sure to serve the bellini chilled.

One last look for you last minute shoppers

 Fire Works
Fire Works by HerGoodyBag featuring Versace shoes

Items in this set:
One Shoulder Dress by Rare**, $98
Lipsy Union Jack Lace Mini Dress, 55 GBP
Glam Tube Dress – Teen Clothing by Wet Seal, $27
Fendi Chain-trimmed suede sandals, $795
NINA RICCI Satin Peep Toe Pump – Hunter Green-440 Shoes –, $790

Enjoy the festivities!!!!

*Please be advised…HGB does not support drinking and driving. Please be responsible and do not drink and drive*

Ok so this is the last day of 2009…and I am excited for 2010!!!! So a few days ago I compeleted my vision board for 2010 and I wrote out what I will and will not do or will be and will not be in 2010 in regards to my character. I’ve learned that if things are written down on paper I have a greater chance of following them. I can post them places where I would see it everyday to keep me focused on my goals for my character. I am not calling them resolutions because I think it is such a negative connotation with that word. By the end of January or February some people are less motivated and they do not accomplish half of what they said they wanted to. So here is my list along with some pics of me and family and friends from 2009. In the comments section let me know what your goals for the new year are!

In 2010 I will not…

  1. Lose my faith
  2. Worry about other people (If I worry what sense does it make that I pray?)
  3. Be disorganized
  4. Have a negative attitude
  5. Be idle
  6. Be a procrastinator (I’m serious this time lol)
  7. Be selfish
  8. Put my wants before my needs
  9. Be impatient
  10. Be a SHOPAHOLIC (Are you happy now ma? lol)
  11. Be unreasonable
  12. Be inconsistent
  13. Be all talk and no action
  14. Say yes to everyone alllll of the time (smh)
  15. focus or associate myself with people with negative attitudes
  16. Be judgmental
  17. Do something that I do not want to do to please other people
  18. Be unhealthy or out of shape
  19. Live an imbalanced life
  20. Be intolerant but I will not tolerate crap!

In 2010 I will…

  1. Have more faith and continue to put all my trust in God
  2. Understand and appreciate my  blessings
  3. Continute to educate myself
  4. Focus on what is important to me
  5. Be more courageous
  6. Be more organized
  7. Live a balanced life
  8. Manage my time better
  9. Be prepared
  10. Eat more healthy foods and exercise
  11. Jave a positive attitude
  12. Stick to a budget (I am not a celebrity and I do not need to live like one…my outcome should not exceed my income)
  13. Be more selfless
  14. Choos my friends and associates wisely (2009 really taught me this lesson)
  15. Build more positive relationships
  16. Be more patient
  17. Be consistent
  18. Be reasonable
  19. Exercise spiritual discernment
  20. Be more appreciative

In 2010 I will be finished with my Master’s Program woooohooooo prayerfully June 2010!! I am so proud of myself! There are also great things in store for HerGoodyBag! I will wait until after the New Year to share that news 🙂 I am truly excited. Good Bye 2009…It’s been real, but I am excited for 2010!!!!

You guys know that I always bring you the exclusives on up and coming designers and I have a new team to introduce you guys tooooo……..

Team Sanchez New York

 One of my former students (Kash) is a part of this team and you all know that I support all up and coming designers especially young black males who are doing something positive. Kash sent me a preview of TSNY’s Spring 2010 collection and I must say that I am impressed!! They have graphic t-shirts, varsity jackets, and sweat shirts! If you are into premium street wear you definitely want to look out for Team Sanchez New York. Here is a preview of what they have in store for Spring 2010.

Ok so I already put in my order for the red “Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way” t-shirt! The varsity jackets are sick too and this is just the preview.

For more information on Team Sanchez visit their blog


Ok so here is my list of the top fashion trends for 2009. I do not approve of one look in particular, but this is what ruled the runways and the streets.

1. Strong Shoulder Jackets

2. Leggings (again…smh)

3. Open-toe booties

4. Over the knee boots

5. Distressed Denim

6. Boyfriend Blazers

Stay tuned for more!

Amber Rose is featured in the next issue of VIBE  and here are some photos from the shoot









WOW *blank stare* She looks great! She looks like an actual model and not a sleezy stripper. Kudos to the stylist and makeup artist. She looks phenomenal.