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Couture-visual art within fashion and graffiti-visual art with the roots grounded in the streets (literally) and the two elements combined produced some of the most profound images I have seen in a while. Two independent elements, both which are able to stand strong alone, but when brought together, it makes you appreciate each. It seems like an oxy-moron to have graffiti and couture together, because you really wouldn’t see a person walking the graffiti filled streets in a one of a kind couture piece so I appreciate the creativity and the beauty of both elements.





I’ve been meaning to do this post for quite some time now, well since I started using SMUDGEES and I have to say it is better late then never.

SMUDGEES  are probably one of the best things that I have in my cosmetic bag. They are small cotton swabs (like a Q-tip) that are pre-moistened with eye  makeup remover. They are the first product to enter the market to solve the problems with eye makeup that many of us have. In the  morning my makeup is perfect. The liner is neatly applied, shadow is in place, but sometimes, by mid-day, I have little smudges underneath my eye and water alone cannot correct the problems.


SMUDGEES are individually wrapped and can fit in your makeup bag, pocket, or your purse alone. The makeup remover is alcohol and oil free so you do not need to rinse and it dries instantly. I found out about this product at Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out in October and I absolutely love it! Ladies, please purchase this product. It is great for quick touch-ups before meetings, dinner with friends, happy hour, or a date. These will help you always look your best!smudgees

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday! I can say I certainly enjoyed myself, nothing beats good food, great family, and great friends. I am truly blessed. Oh and I can’t forget a little shopping! (Black Friday was a mad house!) Anyway here is your weekend recap! Amber Rose is out in full effect, with very little on I must say, but none the less with or without Yeezy she looks great.



Meet Baby Lou…she is the newest edition to the family of Seal and Heidi Klum.


She is so precious!!! heidi2


A father holding his daughter, such a touching moment


Rihanna was seen in the airport. I love this casual relaxed look. It seems to be inspired by Native Americans with the moccassins and the print of the oversized cardigan


Last but not least, Lady GaGa…I bet she is amazing in concert!

lady gaga 281109
lady gaga 281109


“A good name will shine forever” Proverb

A good name is developed based on your character.

Character-noun-the collection of features or traits that form the individual nature of someone or something

I’ve learned that your character is determined based on how you act and react and we are in a “character crisis in society” (Pastor A.R. Bernard. There is a moral and ethical breakdown. The Greek meaning of character is a distinctive mark or stamp. Your dominant trait becomes stamped or marked and you become identified by that dominant trait.

There are two types of people in this world. You are either a fragrance or an odor. You will know which one you are based on how people interact with you. If you are a fragrance, everyone once to be around you because you are pleasant, encouraging, kind, and an all around good person. If you are an odor people will only tolerate you and be around you because of an obligation, but not necessarily by choice.

Today as we start the new work week, think about your character. What do you co-workers, friends, and family members say about you? How do people react when you enter a room. Are they excited and do you feel welcomed, or do you enter and the talking suddenly stops and the *side eyes* start floating around? Whether you like it or not, we need people. Humans are social beings. We cannot learn or grow in isolation. That is why we have relationships.

You may say “well if you don’t like me, then don’t be around me.” Well what if no one likes you? Then what? What are you going to do then. Instead of having the “I don’t give a ______” attitude that many people have adapted, think about how you can develop your character to be a fragrance. If you are on a train and a homeless person who smells awful is sitting a few seats down, do you stay? I know I don’t. So evaluate yourselves and look at the areas in your life and the traits in your character that can sometimes cause you to be an odor. No one is perfect (Only Jesus Christ) so there are always areas in which we can improve.

I can admit, I can have a real funky attitude sometimes. My patience wears thin and that is something I need to work on. Sometimes I am not always the fragrance and can cause people to give me the *side eye* for being an “odor” (not literally I always smell good 🙂 ) So look at yourselves and your character and answer this questionwhich one are you?” If you are mostly an odor, there are ways to improve and things that can be changed, but you have to be willing to make that change. Start making that change with me today.

 How are perceived now? How will you be remembered? So when people say your namewhat will they say fragrance or odor?

*Character Traits*

Positive-courteous, kind, generous, calm, goal-oriented, optimistic, assertive, focused, graceful, motivated, encouraging, patient, selfless, personable, etc.

Negative-distant, pessimistic, rude, impolite, critical, vain, passive, cruel, rebellious, selfish, immature, inconsiderate, etc.


Rihanna has once again taken the fashion world by storm! The Rated R release party was earlier this week and she has out done herself again.rihanna

With a gold spiked out dress and gold spike out shoes, Rihanna is literally “UNTOUCHABLE”


Rihanna’s style is continuously evolving. She can make almost anything look good. She is definitely one of the style icons of this generation. This all happened with in two years. She has so many looks. She has shown that she OWNS the rock star/edgy look, but she can also be a bit sensual, and even “innocent” (I use that term loosely). I look forward to see what she does next, what trend she will create or re-invent. Keep it up Rihanna!