I sometimes hate wearing sleeveless and/or strapless shirts because strapless bras can be a little annoying. You have to be very careful with your movement sometimes because you don’t want in accidents or any type of spillage. So while on the internet, going to my usual sites, I stumbled upon this….Jaclyn Paige Designer Bra Straps
I think they are pretty cool. They add a totally different look to an outfit and it is not tacky like those clear straps (clear plastic is just as bad as the actual bra…they have backless bras now…weird I know)

According to the website they are handmade and can hold more than 25lbs of pressure. They are guaranteed not to break. Sounds like a good idea right?
There are 16 different styles you can choose from that should compliment almost any outfit.
They are reasonably priced considering the types of stones used (Swarvoski crystals and pearls). Only “the best” beads are selected to give you the best quality. They run from about $57-$129.
Would you rock these to spice up your LBD?
To purchase go to http://www.jaclynpaige.com/



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