Yes ladies and gents! The day that we have all been waiting for in the world of online shopping! Zara is now available online! For those of you who covet Zara pieces but did not have one in your area, no more travelling miles just to get the latest pieces. All of Zara’s fashionable goodness will now be available at your finger tips.

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Yesterday I did a post on the color-blocking trend with shoes and today I will continue with this same trend. One of my favorite retailers, Zara, has AMAZING pieces for color-blocking in their April look book. Zara’s take on color is similar to the color blocking trend seen with Gucci.

There is an art to color blocking and it is simply to find the complimentary colors. Check out more photos from Zara’s April lookbook

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Reader Kathleen asked if I could help find great jackets for the spring. So my first instinct was to stick with the classics, and we all know that is the trench coat. Trench coats are timeless and will never go out of style so it is in your best interest to find one of good quality so you can have it for a very long time.

When it comes to Trench Coats, I would first stick with a neutral color because neutrals go with EVERYTHING. The trendier coats are cute, but I wouldn’t spend too much money on them because they are trendy. I found quite a few great trenches for spring. Check them out…
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Reader, Charlene, recently sent me an email asking for my help. She had some brown skinny pants that she wants to wear, but doesn’t know what to pair them with. She is going on a date and wanted to wear pants because of the chilly temperatures. Hopefully Charlene it is not snowing where you are so you can recreate this look perfectly.

I used this clutch as the inspiration

Check out the look after the jump

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This snow storm is making me anticipate spring more now than ever. It is only January…We still have February and part of March. This is going to be a looooooonnnnnggggg winter! Anyway, here are some pieces that you can purchase now to get ready for spring.

Anticipating Spring

Anticipating Spring by Her Goody Bag featuring a bow pendant