British model, rapper, singer, and song writer Alesha Dixon has been making her promotional rounds as a judge for Britain’s Got Talent. I was not familiar with Alesha until I saw her appearing on many of my favorite websites. I’ve seen pictures and would go, “oh wow she looks awesome.” She is definitely on the HGB Style Radar. Take a look at some of her looks over the last few weeks.

Celebrity Sightings In London - January 21, 2013

How amazing is this look! She  wore a silver metallic skirt with a “chill” sweatshirt, and white pumps. I am not a fan of white shoes, unless your a 6 year-old going to Easter Sunday service, but the pumps work with this look.


Now let’s get in to the high double split and her amazing arms. You definitely need a toned body to rock this look. I love how the accessories are kept simple because of the intricate design of the belt.


White suit anyone? This look is so sophisticated. It shows that knows how to rock a classic look. The pants are perfectly tailored and I love the slight flare with the nude point toe nude pump.


Ms. Dixon is giving me life with this printed look. I love a bold print and she is making me wish spring was here right now! The color block pumps compliment the look well because of the color scheme. The key to mixing prints is to find complimentary colors and to make sure the prints share at least one of the same base colors. The blazer shows she means business. This look is my absolute favorite.

alesha dixon

Flirty and fun is how I would describe this look. The swing skirt (which is on trend for the spring) shows off her legs and the metallic cap-toe pump helps elongate the leg. The shoulders are strong and structured and paired with a white blouse and silver bolo (bola) tie. She is giving modern-western here with this look.

Alesha Dixon is definitely my new style crush! You can tell that she is comfortable in her skin and her looks and she is not conforming to what is popular in the industry right now. Her style is right up my alley. She has the edge, but you can also tell there is a sweet and classy element to her look as well. I will be on the look out for Alesha Dixon the rest of the year!

What do you think about her style?


Another year on the horizon and I don’t know about you but I’m excited for it and so thankful to what 2012 has brought me. New friends & new opportunities such as writing for this site. I learned a lot about style over this year and I hope I relayed that across my few posts. Only one way to end the year right is to bring in the next looking as proper as possible, so gentlemen below are a few ideas on how to do it right.

Depending on the type of event here are 3 options that should give you a basic idea of where my mind is going. Not every one is for the full get up but that doesn’t mean style should be lax as well…


Now some like to go all out but try to keep a little fun involved. Patterned accessories or not so normal fabrics should help you accomplish this…


Somewhere in between your look can lie as well but again fabrics and accents must be key. A full on hard bottom might turn you off so something like a dress boot can keep a little funk.



  • Try to avoid too much matching – patterns, fabrics, colors.
  • Avoid too many loud colors – subtlety speaks louder.
  • Make sure of your size & fit – #1 mistake made by most.
  • Avoid logos with suits – Gucci, Hermes & such belts & patterns should never be paired with suiting. Keep it for when you’re on the ave.

Keep it fly & safe this new years night & see you in 2013!


Style is always evolving which in turn means new styles and companies will arise. I’ve been privy to see a major up & coming brand Heart Clothing make moves here in NY and across the nation. Created in 2008 their passion is to cater to all individuals who have a great sense of fashion & drive to set trends. The inspiration behind the line is “style & culture”.

When describing heart clothing’s style you would have to say that it is the product result when – clean cut urban apparel meets high end fashion. With every piece made we want to expose everyone not only to the brand, but to the culture that it represents.

Fashion is fun and always changing with the time. The only thing that is consistent with it…is change. So take this journey with us throughout these years and let’s continue to look good everywhere we go…

Unless you are blind you couldn’t miss the ascension of Heart with sightings on celebrities like Kemba Walker (NBA Charlotte Bobcats), Chris & Neef of the Young Guns, Wale, Terrance J (106 & Park) & Cory Gunz to name a few.

Be on the look out to see the growth of the designs and company from Heart Clothing. From tees to hats to cardigans they have what it is your looking for, label staples. Make sure to check the collection on the webshop. So tell me “Wear Your Heart @?”

Brandy is definitely in the running for one of the best dressed celebs of 2012. I mean two consecutive Get The Looks on HGB is not easy to achieve lol. She was spotted doing more promo for her album Two Eleven rocking a leopard print crewneck, black leather cap, boyfriend jeans and leather boots. This look is so simple but hot. It goes to show you how a bold print can take your look up a notch. Below you will find some affordable options to recreate this look.



Peplum’s have been a huge trend this year and we’ve talked about it on the blog as well as shown some outfit ideas featuring peplum’s but today I wanted to talk about Curvy Girls and “The Peplum”.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that peplum’s are NOT for the curvier lady – basically their reasoning was because the peplum expands outwards this would accentuate the curves (hips, booty and even the stomach) and cause a curvier lady to look bigger.   It’s really the opposite.  Thanks to that little ruffled, extension of the peplum we are actually able to hide the stomach, accentuate our waist, balance out our bottom half (if we are blessed with a little too much hips and booty) or give us the illusion of having hips (if God skipped us on the hips and booty doses).  In my opinion the peplum actually looks best on females with a bigger bottom half.

The peplum is really a garment that looks flattering on all females. It gives us all that feminine shape and hour glass body that most women try and achieve.

The key to wearing the peplum is being perfectly tailored.  You always want to pair your peplum with something fitted.  For instance, if you wear a peplum top opt for a bodycon/fitted pencil skirt or fitted pants (I think skinny jeans/pants look best).  You really never want to pair your peplum with loose pants or an a-line skirt – the peplum already flares out so having 2 garments that are not form fitting will not be flattering.

Of course not all garments are suited for the curvier lady however this is one that is defiantly is and you should hop on board the peplum train ASAP!

Right now ASOS (of course) has my favorite peplum’s.  They have a wide range of peplum dresses, skirts, and even jackets and of course you can find shoes, pants and accessories to pair with them on the site as well.  🙂

Check out a few outfit ideas:

Peplum Jacket:

Peplum Jacket: For Curvy Girls
Peplum Top:
Peplum: For The Curvy Girl


Peplum Dress:


Peplum: For Curvy Girls


The peplum trend will be continued through the Fall so go ahead and add some  to your wardrobe… you know you want to!

Will you be giving the peplum a try?