The good people over at Fly Credentials just released this dope new His/Her crew neck. Yes ladies and gents now you and your boo can really get fly. I think this look is hot for guys and girls. Since I’m a girly girl, I put my twist on this look with a pair of skinny jeans and heels or like the model in the pic with  shorts, tights, and heels The fellas can throw on a fly pair of sneakers and ladies if you want a more relaxed tom boyish look a pair of J’s would be perfect for you too.

“In life, we all pay a price to play. Now the term play can mean anything. Whether it’d be sports, partying, etc.,  there is always a price to pay. If you play a sport you have a chance of being injured, or if you party on a work night then you will paying the price of being tired at work. The Pay To Play crew neck is for the individual who doesn’t mind paying the price.”

“Pay to Play” His and Her Crew neck

Mush (the designer for Fly Credentials) also created a “dope” cap. We all do some amazing things in life and one day we will leave a legacy so make sure that legacy is dope and iconic.

Check out Fly Credentials for more info on how to order this crewneck or cap.