I managed to capture some video footage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Check out footage from Venexiana, Honor, and Lela Rose!



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I was just blown away with Caroline Herrera’s Spring 2012 collection. I have always been a fan of Carolina Herrera’s work and this season she just blew me away.

 I love how her pieces are effortlessly chic. The silhouettes of her pieces are always classic and sophisticated. What really gets everyone excited is the use of color, patterns, and texture. I love the pattern used for both of these dresses. I love that the fact that Carolina Herrea veared away from the traditional v-neck and went with something more modern.

Geometric prints ruled Herrera’s runway. She created ey-catching pieces in strong prints using delicate materials like chiffon. The last dress is very ambitious, especially for this designer, but the mixture of prints and materials created a very unique look.

Again great execution mixing prints. These looks are very bold and daring, especially for today’s modern woman.

The geometric prints and classic lady-like silhouettes  are what had me at hello. The fact that Mrs. Herrera can create bold looks using soft materials and colors truly amazes me.

This collection has me anticipating spring and Fall hasn’t even officially started. I do know that most of these looks will be added to my mood boards that will keep me focused until spring arrives again.

What do you think about Caroline Herrera’s Spring 2012 collection?

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