It is officially spring, but like always, winter wants to hang around a tad bit longer. Don’t fret my friends, winter cannot stay forever, so we better start getting ready for her farewell for good.

One item that is on the top of my must have list for spring would be a dress in a fabulous print. There is nothing like a dress in a great print! I love the versatility of prints. You can find one that is bold, feminine, mod, sexy, you name it, there is a print for it. Check out these dresses in a variety of prints that will get you ready for spring.

Gap Impressionist Print Draped Dress $60

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I went shopping with my sister last Friday. She wanted help recreating her look, but of course on a budget. I helped her select a few pieces that were transitional (day and evening) and I also picked up a few things for myself. Here is what I bought:

  • Floral Print dress- Forever 21
  • Cobalt blue bodycon skirt- Forever21
  • Neon print sundress- H&M

We found this cute little accessories shop also. I believe it was called “Live, Love, Laugh” I’m not sure (sorry) but they had a great selection of rings ranging from $2 to about $10. I purchased the following

  • Turquoise circle ring
  • Turquoise multi shape ring
  • Snake ring
  • Amethyst, amber, ruby, and emerald geometric shaped ring (my favorite)


If you have yet to get the hint, print dresses are in for the summer. Whether it is abstract, floral, tribal, or animal, print dresses will give your look a much needed update.