Wedding season has arrived and I am sure some of you have at least one wedding to attend within the next few weeks.

Sometimes finding the right outfit for a Wedding can be difficult (especially in the hot Summer months) so allow me to be of some assistance. ūüôā

Here are some tips that you should consider when choosing your outfit:

РAvoid wearing white, ivory or cream.  These colors are designated for the bride only and perhaps the bridal party but they are not colors we as guests should be wearing.  Instead opt for bright colors or pastels РMint, Tangerine Orange, Magenta, Turquoise, Peach etc.

РAvoid wearing anything too flashy and revealing. This is a Wedding not a club event.  Low cut, backless, cut-out, too short, body-con garments should be avoided at all cost.  Weddings are classy events and should be treated as such.  Also, once again this is the Brides day and your outfit should not be taking the spotlight over the Bride.

–¬†With the hot and humid weather that has been¬†plaguing¬†99% of the country you want to dress cool – there is nothing cute about sweating when you are all done up. Opt for light/breathable¬†fabrics (cotton, linen, silk,¬†taffeta etc) and of course lighter colors will also keep you cooler.

– Dress according to the time/place of the wedding. ¬†If the wedding is a day time event you can be a little less formal – try a dressy short suit, floral dress or even a jumpsuit. ¬†If the Wedding is in the evening you will need to be more formal and should usually go for a cocktail dress in a darker color (it can still be bright, just no pastels) or even go with black dress (that whole you can’t wear black to a wedding is a myth!!) ¬† Also,¬†¬†keep in mind that if the ceremony is taking place in a church and you are wearing something strapless or a little low-cut you should try to bring some type of shawl/scarf to cover up your shoulders/chest during the ceremony – it’s the¬†appropriate¬†thing to do. ūüôā

РLastly, wear something you are comfortable in and can move around in.  One of the best parts of a Wedding is the reception and you want to be able to dance, socialize and enjoy yourself!

Let’s get into some outfit inspiration for Summer Weddings:




Check out a few Summer Wedding outfit ideas below:

Summer Wedding
Summer Wedding: Jumpsuit
Color Short Suit:
Summer Wedding: Short Suit
Peplum Dress:
Summer Wedding: Peplum Dress



Teairra Mari, and a host of other celebs, helped Soulja Boy celebrate his 20th birthday down in Atlanta. She wore a yellow peplum strapless dress with black and white Jeffrey Campbell booties.

I could not find a similar look for the wedges, but I did find this yellow tube dress for a great price!

Jeffrey Campbell Tribal Tick Studded Wedge Heel $170

French Connection Wizard Cotton Strapless Dress $25 (0riginal price $110)