On Monday I had the opportunity to attend a great event by NIVEA to relaunch the “Style, Uncapped” campaign. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you would have seen me posting a few pictures about the night.


“Style, Uncapped” is a customized lip care campaign to help celebrate their consumers’ personal style. The design program can be found at and now consumers can “customize every kiss occasion.”


With themes like Old Hollywood you have the chance to show your personal style. Style, Uncapped will allow you to choose from over 400 patterns and symbols, including the pattern created with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. There is an array of colors that you can choose and you can even add words.


Once you have created your design share it with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the gallery on the website. Once you have shared your design, consumers can choose your very own design for their cap or use it as inspiration to create their own. You can access the site from your computer, tablet, or mobile devices.


Once you have created your cap, you can choose from a number of NIVEA products such as “Kiss of Milk and Honey,” “Kiss of Smoothness,” “Kiss of Moisture” and more. You can order 1-4 caps for $6 a cap, 5-20 for $5 a cap or 20+ at $4 a cap. This would be a great gift for a baby shower, bacherlotte party, or any other type of party favor. It takes two weeks to create and ship. I can’t wait to receive my HGB design!


At the end of the night there was a raffle for three Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini Bags. Melissa from O So Chic won one of the bags! We also received the exclusive Rebecca Minkoff cap design with a NIVEA Chapstick (Kiss of Moisture).


So today tap into your creative side and visit for your customized NIVEA Lip Care products!