This week I’m back with more arm candy! Yes, I know that everyone woman loves a good handbag, but we do not have to pay outrageous for great quality bags that are sophisticated, fun, and modern. Today’s Arm Candy feature is Mischa Barton Handbags.


About the company and designer (Source)

“I began my accessories line in July 2008, collaborating with Fitzrovia Designs. The company have an extensive knowledge of luxury accessories which has been a great reference point for me. This proved a valuable tool in nurturing and developing my designs from the initial concept to the end product.

My design philosophy has always centered on creating a product that is directional without compromising on quality and functionality. Each collection is a reflection of my personal style. I have a variety of influences, from my British heritage to my love of 70’s rock music and their iconic characters.

The collection has grown and developed to reflect the consumer and myself over the seasons, whilst maintaining a consistent vintage theme.

I’m excited to announce my 9th season, Autumn/Winter 2012 has some gorgeous statement detailing that I adore and I hope you will too.”

With price points below $200 you are definitely bound to find something to fit your budget and to fit your style. Check out some options below

Click here for the official website and click here for more options