Every year I try to buy myself something for Christmas, I treat myself quite well throughout the year, so this year I decided to give myself a little something different, and guess what it didn’t cost me anything (How awesome is that!)


1. Me Time– I am EXTREMELY busy nowadays. I seem to only have time for work and school. So this Christmas I am giving myself one of God’s most precious gifts…Time. I need to find balance to do things that make me happy and that help build my relationships. I know because of my schedule I don’t have lots of time, but at least once a week I will focus on me whether it’s a pampering session, reading a book,  or just spending quality time with family and friends.

2. Proper Nutrition and Exercise- Remember my Workout Wednesday posts? Yeah I know that it has been FOREVER and that’s because I have fallen off significantly. My eating habits have become terrible. All I do is snack…I have put on a little bit of weight that I am not too pleased about because of how my clothes fit and my overall appearance so I plan on fixing that ASAP. I need to be healthy, not just for my physical appearance, but just to live a longer life. I don’t want to worry about diabetes, high blood pressure, or anything else that could happen as a result of my diet.

3. Spiritual Renewal– For the last few months my spiritual life has been suffering. I thank God for his grace and mercy everyday, because if it was up to me to maintain his unconditional love and unmerited favor I would be in trouble. I don’t have an excuse or reason for why this has happened, but I have been experiencing great blessings, but also many spiritual convictions that have been weighing on my spirit, because of my lack of discipline and obedience to God’s word. I know what I need to do to get back on track spiritually and that will happen immediately.

4. Joy and Happiness- I wrote a post about joy and happiness back and February and I needed a reminder of what I wrote. Joy is internal and happiness is external. I need to do the things that bring long lasting joy, but also happiness in the moment. I feel like this is something that I am missing.

5. Love– I love me some me and I need to really walk in that mindset. I have to stop rejecting the love of others because I am afraid. I have to truly accept God’s unconditional love and appreciate the people that He brought into my life. I have to truly love my neighbor as myself, no matter the circumstances. I have to give my time, talents, and abilities that God has blessed me with because of his love for me.

So there you have my Christmas list. What’s on yours?

Today my fabulous mother celebrates her ** birthday. She would kill me if I posted her age lol. My mom is truly awesome. If it wasnt for this day ** years ago, I wouldn’t be here, so thanks mom for all of your support and I hope you love your gift! (Michael Kors Trench Coat shhhhh…she loves this guy)

Happy Birthday!

Photo L-R: Sister-Chanell, Momma, Me

Merry Christmas to you all. May you enjoy this day with great family and friends. Remember the reason for the season. This is the season of giving so you can give material items or just your time and love. What ever you decide to give, do it with love.

So once again Merry CHRISTmas!

Ok I am no relationship guru but I had to share my thoughts on this subject. This post was inspired by a woman named Neenah from New Jersey who set out to find a husband in 52 weeks. She was not successful…smh. We have all been single at some point in our lives and I want to know if you feel it is difficult. Some people must have a companion at all times. Without a man or a woman they do not feel complete. Is that a problem? Why must people always be in a relationship? When do they have time for themselves? When do they allow themselves time to truly love themselves and learn who they really are?

Would you rather be in a negative relationship for the sake of having a relationship or would you rather wait until your ideal mate comes along & be happy? I think people who constantly need to be in a relationship settle for the first or second person that shows interest. They really do not have a connection, but for the sake of saying I have a girlfriend or a boyfriend that enter or stay in unhealthy relationships.

Many people in these types of relationships are very unhappy and afraid to be alone. They should really evaluate themselves and find the real problem. How are you being fulfilled in a relationship if you are not happy? How are you helping your mate improve himself or herself? What are your intentions for being in that relationship?

If you learn how to truly love yourself you will learn how to love others. You learn how to love yourself by understanding God’s love because his love is unconditional and perfect. Once you realize why and how God love’s you, your thoughts about yourself will change and how you love others will change alss. How you let others love you will change as well.

Neenah’s first mistake was trying to find her husband when she should let him find her. She went on about 40 dates in 52 weeks. That is excessive I think. Does she really know what she wants? Why the extreme attempt? Love will happen when you least expect it (so I’ve heard). When you stop looking that is when love will come. Focus on loving God and loving yourself. Take yourself out to see a movie. Treat yourself to lunch. Visit a museum or an art gallery. Do something that is pleasurable to you and you may bump into Mr. or Mrs. Right when you least expect it 🙂

For more on Neenah’s Journey for Love visit www.52weeks2findhim.com