Let’s face it; we are bombarded with too much negativity on a daily basis. Whether you are bombarded with hate on social media or subjected to violence in your communities or in the media, we need to think about the good things that are happening in the world to find some sort of peace.

Well Allstate has been “giving it up for good” and seeking out the positive things happening in our communities. I was challenged to find good things happening in my community, and while there are many great organizations doing amazing work I decided to “Give It Up For Good” with Kel Spencer and Pens of Power.


“The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” is the message Kel Spencer delivers through his Pens of Power mentoring and literacy program whose mission is to “To help young minds view words as expressive & limitless tools that can be used effectively for communication, comprehension and creativity.”

Kel working with students during a recording session during a workshop

Kel working with students during a recording session during a workshop

Founded by Award winning songwriter, Kel Spencer, Pens of Power uses creative writing exercises as a means to improve students’ writing skills in alignment with the Common Core State Standards, and with the goal of improving state standardized test scores. For those that do not know, the Common Core State Standards are pretty much the road map for education in the United States with 46 states adopting a more rigorous and each enriching curriculum to allow our students to be college and career ready.

Students engaged in writing activities

Students engaged in writing activities

Pens of Power is designed to help students, primarily grades 3-8 (2nd grade & High School component are available as well), to improve their reading and writing skills. Using an unorthodox approach towards literacy Kel Spencer incorporates lyric writing, poetry, music, rhythmic prose and brainstorming during the workshops.

Students at their Pens of Power video shoot

Students at their Pens of Power video shoot

As an educator I felt this program was extremely important. Our children are so fixated with technology that they lack basic skills. As time passes we must change our approach on certain issues In this technological and informational age we have to compete with social media, computers, video games and much more to get our students to learn. This is why programs like Pens of Power are so important. They provide another way for students to get the skills they need to compete in a fast pacing world.

Kel Spencer instructing students during a Pens of Power Workshop

Kel Spencer instructing students during a Pens of Power Workshop

Kel Spencer works with various organizations to share his God given talents in hopes of inspiring others. Many of the schools he works have a high African American population. Through this program he is helping to close the educational achievement gap that plague the African American community. He is helping children from all over learn to attain knowledge, comprehend, and apply these skills in the classroom and beyond.

I challenge you to focus on the good and find ways to give back to your community. Money isn’t everything, so give back with your time, gifts, and talents.

For more information on Kel Spencer and Pens of Power visit their official website at www.PensOfPower.org.


Brand Statement
Allstate believes that there is Good happening all around us, every single day, right in our communities. We believe that this Good is more powerful than Bad – it has the power to change the conversation, change communities, and ultimately, change lives, and we want to give it the recognition it deserves. We are committed to unearthing the stories about Good – stories of hope, strength and perseverance, stories of positivity and optimism, stories of kindness and generosity – stories that will inspire even more good.

Check out stories, pics, tweets and videos of the good happening in our communities at http://giveitupforgood.allstateonline.com/and share the good you see using @giveitupforgood and #giveitupforgood on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s do more Good, together.

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A few weeks ago I was introduced to accessories designer Elleina D. via my friend/brother from another mother Kel Spencer. I’ve known Kel it seems like my whole life and I trust his judgment on a lot of things so when he told me Elleina was a dope accessories designer I knew I could take his word for it.

Last week I met up with Elleina D. to get the scoop on the designer and her brand.


  • Name: Elleina D.
  • Birthplace: Maryland
  • Current Location: Bed-Stuy Brooklyn
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: Educator and Accessories Designer
  • Hobbies: Painting

Elleina D. is a multi-facetted person and brand. She was once a managing editor for an online women’s magazine and she made jewelry to express her creativity and decided to make accessories that speak to the people. The  brand’s motto is Style. Innovation. Personality.

Elleina D. has always made accessories for herself. When she went out in to the public she got a good response. She thought what could she make that is different from other accessory retailers online.

When asked what sets her apart from other brands she said “Style. Innovation. Personality.”  meaning she creates unique pieces that fits the individual personality. She hates walking down and seeing everyone have on the same exact thing. She never makes more than 3 of the same bracelet. So what you would see on her site won’t probably won’t be there at the end of the month. Her double-strand technique is also a staple when setting her apart from other brands. She gets inspiration from just observing people and their individual style. She makes pieces for males and females  in an array of designs.

When asked where she sees her brand in the future she said she would like to branch out in to other fashion avenues to help other brands be part of a bigger plane.

I was most impressed with her value on customer satisfaction. She does custom designs and really listens to what her clients want in order to produce the best pieces. Her double strand technique is AMAZING. She brought some samples and her bracelets are strong and sturdy. The beads that she uses have a very luxurious look and feel.

Elleina D. is definitely one designer to watch. Check out her website www.elleina-d.com

Photos of Elleina D. courtesy of Charles Rock Photography

Last night, I attended the G-Shock x Dee and Ricky launch party hosted by Exposure.net. The party was held at the Bowery Hotel and it was packed with actors, rappers, fashionistas, media and pr reps, and of course your favorite bloggers to help Dee & Ricky celebrate their newest venture. Here are a few pics from last night’s event.

I wore a white tank, mens wear inspired vest, boyfriend jeans, Aldo heels, and a statement necklace.

Here’s Shelly

Coco and Breezy in their custom made shades

Here I am with Tristan Wilds from The Wire and 90210…he is such a cutie!

Flo Blitz, Shelly, and Kel Spencer (Brooklyn owwww)

Flo Blitz and Kel Spencer again

Dee & Ricky introducing their video.

Entertainment blogger, Radio and Tv personality  Ms. Drama

Houston Rapper Bun B (From UGK)

Tristan and Ricky

Dee (someone gave him a nice little kiss lol)

Marquis of LateBoots

Random guy with some fly shades and chain

As you can see it was a great event. Congrats to Dee and Ricky.