I love everything about all of these looks.

  • Melanie Fiona’s dress has a classic pattern, but the neckline and boots give it a modern twist
  • I love Rihanna’s scalloped thigh high stockings. Uber sexy with the peach mini and that hat is TDF. Can’t wait to wear mine
  • Yaya always looks classy and I am loving her patterned dress.

  • I love Katerina Graham’s look. The yellow blazer really pops
  • I love elements of Solanges look, just not everything together.
  • Estelle almost had a winning look until I saw the boots and the handbag.


Actress and Singer Katerina Graham, looked absolutely amazing at the Entertainment Weekly SAG Pre-Party event. She wore a leather lbd and purple pointy toe booties. This look screams rocker chic. Continue reading to see how you can get this look for less.

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What I like…

  1. Ciara’s mini dress and booties. You can never go wrong with all black.
  2. Keke Palmer’s sequins dress. She always looks elegant. She never looks like she is trying to hard or trashy.
  3. Amber Riley knows exactly how to accentuate her curves. She always wears things that compliment her shape and skin tone

They look questionable:

  1. Ciara’s white top is gorgeous, but those thigh high leather boots in this summer heat…
  2. Kim Kardashian shoud have toned her look down for the teen choice awards. I think this is just too much…you don’t have to be sexy all of the time.
  3. Katerina Graham looks like she’s ready for fall. The dress with the boots….too much for me.