So earlier today I did a Rock It or Drop It post featuring Rihanna in a hoodie dress. Well reader Jazzmine helped us out and found the designer. Rihanna’s dress is made by Joyrich an Los Angeles based streetwear brand founded in 2007.

“Established in 2007, the Joyrich brand came to life through the hands of founder Tom Hirota in the heart of Los Angeles.  With creative direction by Taka Okude and design by David Melgar, the Joyrich brand is developed from an international perspective.  The team’s mix of influences culminates with a “retro-future” flair inspired by iconic items of past generations to create the brand’s unique and characteristic Joyrich colorful pop textiles.  Drawing on a variety of design sources, Joyrich blends the essence of several styles to create balanced pieces that are always fun to wear and that suggest an aura of both casualness and richness.  Layered upon this are pop art graphics that have become the trademark of Joyrich pieces, attracting musicians and celebrities around the world since arriving on the market.” source

Check out some other Joyrich designs

Joyrich can be purchased at Karmaloop and Revolve Clothing visit the website at