When was the last time you updated your lingerie drawer? If you are taking a long time to answer that question then this post is definitely for you. Our lingerie should be updated often, at least once every 3 months. I know that there are many of you out there that buy lingerie as often as you buy handbags and shoes, so this may not be for you. Many women have a misconception of lingerie. Some believe that lingerie just consists of sexy nighties and all things see-through and lace. That is not the case! All of the following falls in the category of lingerie or intimates: panties, bras, body shapers, camisoles, chemises, night gowns, bodysuits, robes, and a host of other items click here for a list. So why should you update your lingerie drawer? here are five reasons why!

1. To feel good– putting on new lingerie is an amazing feeling! I don’t know about you all but when I put on a new panty and bra set I feel like a new woman. I walk with a different type of confidence honestly because I feel amazing.

2. To feel confident– once I feel good this wave of confidence comes over me. It’s something about knowing that your breast are supported and sitting pretty lol. Also you should feel confident in your bedroom. Sometimes it’s ok to just throw on a t-shirt and hit the bed, but putting on a silk chemise can dramatically change how you sleep. Trust me.

3. To look good– when wearing lingerie you look better, especially if what you are wearing fits your body type. If you wear things that are too small you will look larger than you really are and you will be uncomfortable. You must first look good for yourself before looking good for someone else.

4. Look good for your mate– for those that have a significant other or just a cuddle buddy you want to look good for your mate. They enjoy seeing the sexy side of you, so give them something special to look at. Also don’t wait for a special trip or Valentine’s Day. Spice things up often to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

5. Foundation of a perfect look– if you wear the wrong type of undergarments then your clothes will not fit properly. So you must have a variety of items for the different types of garments in your wardrobe.

So hopefully I have motivated you all to update your lingerie drawer if you haven’t done so recently. Below are some options to get you started!