Since I moved into my new apartment last August, my accessories game has taken a turn for the worst. With the exception of a few pieces that my mom bought me for my birthday, I have not updated my accessories in forever. I have lost tons of earrings and only wear a few pairs now, because that’s all that I have left.

I had an accessory cork board before, but the way my new bedroom is setup, there isn’t enough wall space for it, and it would look awkward in any other place other than my bedroom. So I barely wear the necklaces that I do have, and when it is time to “dig in the boxes” I just get lazy and do not feel like searching. I’m not going to even talk about bracelets and rings. SMH.

I’m just not inspired by what I currently have anymore, so I’m on the search of new pieces to update my look. Accessories can make or break an outfit so I like to have multiple options. I want to do a wardrobe update for the spring (whenever it decides to show up) and new accessories are a top priority.

Here are a few pieces that I am currently scouting all under $50:

Fab Under $50 Accessories


Flower jewelry
$31 –

Guess necklace

How are you going to update your spring wardrobe?

stocking stuffers2

Christmas is eight days away many people are still out and about trying to purchase gifts for family and friends. Large gifts are great, but you can’t forget about the stocking stuffers! These little trinkets are great ways to show your appreciation for your loved ones. So check out these options below and what’s even better is that everything is under $25! Happy Shopping!

If you are anything like me then you still have tons of Christmas shopping to do, so I have compiled the ultimate gift guide that will definitely save you lots of time of wandering around the stores aimlessly. So check it out and happy shopping!

The Beauty Lover-all things makeup! Check out some of the top brands and awesome products like M.A.C Cosmetics gift sets. This will make the beauty lover extremely happy. If they have the right makeup but not the right tools then look into getting some great brushes to ensure they have flawless application.

The Fragrance Bar– who doesn’t want to have a scent that will leave everyone in the room mesmerized. A woman’s fragrance is extremely important. You need different scents for different occasions so check out this fragrance list.

The Shoe Lover-Who doesn’t love a good shoe? Well for the shoe lover you can never go wrong. Whether you purchase shoes for a night out on the town, or if you purchase a pair of winter weather boots, it will be greatly appreciated. So check out these options.

The Fashionista-We all know that fashionistas love to look fly and so why not update her wardrobe with some amazing pieces. Whether you update the wardrobe with amazing bags, scarves, or even jackets, we have something for the fashion lovers.

The Accessory Queen-We all know that accessories make the outfit. You can have the most basic outfit, but with the right accessories it can change the dynamics of the entire look. Update your wardrobe this holiday season with these accessories.

The Gadget Girl- we are in the era of the gadgets now and having tablet, iPad, or eReader, is like having a cell phone. These precious items need to be protected so check out these cases for your gadgets

ASOS Hammered Double CuffsOversized cuffs by ASOS Collection.

 Featuring a pair of wide adjustable bands, with rounded edges, in a hammered gold-tone finish.

ABOUT ASOS COLLECTION: Directional, exciting and diverse the ASOS Collection makes and breaks the fashion rules. Scouring the globe for inspiration, our London based Design Team is inspired by fashion’s most covetable trends; providing you with a cutting edge wardrobe season upon season.

Click here to purchase the cuffs $32.99

On Monday, November 29, 2010 Mariah Carey will be added to the list of celebrities like Mary J. Blige and the Kardashians to collaborate with the Home Shopping Network. Mariah Carey will debut her line of accessories that includes jewelry and boots.

Mariah is known for wearing sky high stielltos and jewelry that blings (couldn’t think of another word). So her line defintely represents her style. Take a look at her collection which will debut on November 29th.

Are you impressed with the collection? Will you be supporting Mariah Carey on HSN?