So after a STRESSFUL Friday and Saturday (I’ll leave my work problems alone) I decided I’d join one of my friends at Brother Jimmy’s for a late birthday celebration. I celebrated my birthday at Brother Jimmy’s this year so I did not hesitate to join the fun. As usual there was a table full of “swamp water” and of course some really amazing barbecue. I had barbecue wings and fries and the wings were AMAZING!! When I say amazing I mean it. They were well seasoned and so juicy. The rub and sauce used made the wings taste like ribs. Since Brother Jimmy’s is a sports bar and is very relaxed I went with a simple look. (Photo taken with phone…sorry)

What I Wore

  • Watch & Black sweatshirt/tunic-not sure what to call it because it can be worn multiple ways N ew York and Co. I also have this top in red. They are so comfortable. You get the feel of a sweatshirt, but it is more stylish.
  • Denim Shorts Levi’s via Macy’s
  • Purple Opaque Tights Xhiliration via Target
  • Black Riding Boots Steve Madden
  • Jewelry Random Jewelry Store in Manhattan

All of my friends thought I was crazy because I had on shorts in December. If this was like 3 years ago I would have never put them on, but I love wearing shorts all year round. Thank God for opaque tights, long coats and riding boots lol. Saturday wasn’t that chilly so I was really comfortable. I did get quite a few stares but I just smiled at everyone lol.

On another note, my hair is growing back beautifully. If you recall, I cut my hair in May because I wanted something different and I loved my little edgy asymmetrical cut, but I miss long hair, so I have embarked on a journey to get back to where my hair was in 2009/2010. Stay tuned for those updates.