I have not done a post on health in a while and in Glamour magazine’s November issue they have a section about health called “What Happens When”….so for all of you who do not have subscriptions or did not receive your November’s issue here you go…What Happens When…

What Happens When….You Try A Fad Diet


The Master Cleanse and other restrictive weight-loss plans have become extremely popular because of celebrity success, but it is not good for your body. Accoridng to Dr. Oz (I love this guy) after a few days of massively scaling back food intake, your metabolism starts to plummet. That’s because your brain senses that there isn’t enough food coming in. It tells your  body to cling desperately to the fat stores it already has and starts burning lean muscle tissue for fuel.



The healthiest, most effectiv way to lose weight is to eat small, balanced meals and snacks every few hours so your bran never goes into that starvation panic mode, and to never, ever drop below 1,200 calories a day.

Stay tuned for more What Happens When…