One of the biggest trends for the spring is the pastel blazer. Pastels can be really difficult to wear for some people. I’ve created four looks to help you mix and match and with one of the seasons hottest pieces.

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Look #1 Pastel Blazer with Pastel Denim- it creates a fun look for the spring. You can even pair it with a pastel skater skirt or bodycon.

Pastel Color Block

Look #2 Pastel Blazer with Floral Prints- this is a very flirty and feminine combo. Choose a dress in which the blazer would be the perfect complimentary color.

Pastels and Floral Prints

Look #3 Pastel Blazer with Neutrals- I paired a light pink blazer with a cream dress and paired it with floral print sandals. The softness of the colors creates a romantic feel.

Pastel with Neutrals

Look #4 Pastel Blazer with Boyfriend Jeans- for this look I went super casual. The darker shade of blue lets the blazer be the focal point as well as the multi-colored ballet flats

Pastel and Denim

Look #5 Pastel Blazer with Denim Shorts- This look is so versatile. It can be dressed up with a heel or wedge or dressed down with a flat sandal. Keep the accessories bright to help bring out the color.

Pastel Blazer and Denim Shorts

Which look would you rock?


The wait is finally over and The HGB Shop is officially open. As the blog began to progress I started getting all of these ideas on how to expand my brand. It first started with the HGB Styling Services, now I have the HGB Online Boutique and who knows what will come next!

Although this weekend we had a little cold front come through in New York, May will be here in no time. I think that’s when the official spring weather will return. So now is the time to add a few pieces to your wardrobe. I will be adding more pieces to the shop within the upcoming weeks.

So for this cycle you will find fun and funky prints, which are great for the spring and summer. There are crop tops, party dresses, rompers, shorts, and more. So head over to the to for more looks!

Thank you for your continued support!

So I was fooled by the weather the other day. It was sunny and bright and I heard a lot of people outside so I said “It must be nice out.” Well the sun was out for about 26 seconds and then it started to rain. I was already out of the house and was not going back in to change. My shoes were not rain friendly, but I had to meet Melissa of O So Chic for our lunch date at Footprints for this rasta pasta that we have been dying for!

Because I thought it was nice I decided to wear my floral print jeans that I bought from Century 21 last August and a mint green top that I purchased from Forever 21. Take a closer look at What I Wore


These photos were snapped right before the rain storm came. We had to tie our scarves around our head and run in our heels to the car. It was funny. Oh and the highlight of the day, besides the food, was the guys playing basketball in the park BEGGING if they could be in our photos. One guy said to Melissa “Please can I take a photo with you, you can delete it later” I was in tears!


What I Wore

Mint Green Sweater- Forever 21

Floral Pants- Karma via Century 21

Pony Hair and Leather Pointy toe Shoes- Joe Fresh for $9!! (The store was closing so I scored!)

Fringe Handbag- Ross in Florida


I’m getting better at this posing in the cold thing. I wish the spring weather would get here fast so I don’t have too lol.

With Easter Sunday quickly approaching and the spring temperatures finally getting to a high of 50 degrees there is much to look forward to this Sunday. Easter Sunday or as many of the Christian faith  calls it, Resurrection Sunday, is probably the most important day in Christianity besides the actual birth of Christ.

So to celebrate you must of course do it in style. Easter Sunday is also the day that it seems that everyone designates as the “Must Attend Church Day,” and so everyone brings out their Sunday’s Best. So here are a few outfit ideas for this celebration.

All of the outfits feature a specific trend for this season. Either florals, pastes, peplum, polka dot, or a mixed combination.

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Look #1 Floral Print Dress and White Blazer

Easter Sunday Look #1 Florals

Look #2 Pastel Green Peplum Skirt and Black and White Polka Dot Blouse

Easter Sunday Look #2 Peplum and Polka Dots

Look #3- Pastel Pink Pants with Floral Print Heels

Easter Sunday Look #3 Flower Bomb

Which look would you rock?

Stay tuned to see a rendition of one of the looks for Easter Sunday above!


Yesterday I decided to try my luck and head to Target to see if I would be able to snag a few pieces from the highly anticipated Prabal Gurung collection. I loved the bright and vibrant colors from the collection as well as the prints. I decided to get to Target at 8am when it first opened. To my surprise, there was a small line outside (about 10 women). I waited in my car until they opened since the line was so short. As the gate began to rise the women literally ran underneath to run to the collection. I just shook my head in disbelief because there was only 10 people online. The Target that I went to (the location won’t be revealed lol) was practically empty. Some women were grabbing everything and just throwing it in their carts. I refused to act like an animal over clothes, especially since there was enough for everyone. Long story short I tried on about 15 items and left with four.


I had my eye on all of the dresses but these two looked the best, especially the white! You can never go wrong with peplum and pointy toe heels are making a huge comeback. The print on the shoe makes it so versatile and I will be able to wear them with practically anything. I can’t for the spring.

Did you shop the collection? What did you get?