Tika Sumpter attended Estelle’s “Wonderful Life” album preview this week in NYC at the Darby.

Tika looked super fly in a pair of gold studded shorts, and a captains hat.  She paired the shorts with a leopard blouse and blush colored heels.  She kept her makeup simple with a pink lip and bronzer and let the hat take center stage by leaving her hair down.   Tika is such a beautiful woman, and that skin……..I think we would all kill for it! LOL.

I believe the studded shorts Tika is wearing are from Urban Outfitters and you can get a similar hat either on Etsy or by scouring your nearest vintage stores.


Get Tika’s look below:


Tika Sumpter: Get The Look

Are you ladies feeling Tika’s look?


Peplum’s have been a huge trend this year and we’ve talked about it on the blog as well as shown some outfit ideas featuring peplum’s but today I wanted to talk about Curvy Girls and “The Peplum”.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that peplum’s are NOT for the curvier lady – basically their reasoning was because the peplum expands outwards this would accentuate the curves (hips, booty and even the stomach) and cause a curvier lady to look bigger.   It’s really the opposite.  Thanks to that little ruffled, extension of the peplum we are actually able to hide the stomach, accentuate our waist, balance out our bottom half (if we are blessed with a little too much hips and booty) or give us the illusion of having hips (if God skipped us on the hips and booty doses).  In my opinion the peplum actually looks best on females with a bigger bottom half.

The peplum is really a garment that looks flattering on all females. It gives us all that feminine shape and hour glass body that most women try and achieve.

The key to wearing the peplum is being perfectly tailored.  You always want to pair your peplum with something fitted.  For instance, if you wear a peplum top opt for a bodycon/fitted pencil skirt or fitted pants (I think skinny jeans/pants look best).  You really never want to pair your peplum with loose pants or an a-line skirt – the peplum already flares out so having 2 garments that are not form fitting will not be flattering.

Of course not all garments are suited for the curvier lady however this is one that is defiantly is and you should hop on board the peplum train ASAP!

Right now ASOS (of course) has my favorite peplum’s.  They have a wide range of peplum dresses, skirts, and even jackets and of course you can find shoes, pants and accessories to pair with them on the site as well.  🙂

Check out a few outfit ideas:

Peplum Jacket:

Peplum Jacket: For Curvy Girls
Peplum Top:
Peplum: For The Curvy Girl


Peplum Dress:


Peplum: For Curvy Girls


The peplum trend will be continued through the Fall so go ahead and add some  to your wardrobe… you know you want to!

Will you be giving the peplum a try?


How to transition from day to night

So yesterday you saw the essential items and look # 1 which was for a casual work look. Well today I have two more looks. One will be for a casual day of shopping and using the same pieces I will turn the outfit in to something that you can wear for a night out with the girls or dinner with the boo. Check out the looks below

I don’t know too many people besides June Ambrose and other fashion divas that can comfortably shop in high heel shoes. So for the first look I paired a denim shirt tied at the front with black skinny jeans and red flats. This look is great for shopping because I always say “Never go shopping looking like you NEED new clothes. Sales associates are more likely to help those who are more put together.” I have seen this happen with my own eyes. Women, and some men, who wear sweatpants and baggy t-shirts or ill fitting clothes are often overlooked. So this look is very appropriate. You want a look that is casual yet chic. Denim tops and skinny jeans will always be a timeless combo. Add in red flats for a pop of color and you have instant flare!

Going from Day to Night

For the second look I just changed the shoes. For any type of day to night look a change of the shoes and accessories is all that is needed. The heels say I am sexy, but the rest of the look adds sophistication. You can be sexy without wearing super tight clothing and this look proves it. Rock a bold red lip and you are ready to hit the town. I also went bigger and better with the jewelry to help make this look standout.

So with a quick change of shoes and accessories, you instantly went from day to night! Stay tuned for the next few looks in this series! Check out the previous post as well click here

Elise Neal, Melanie Fiona, and Michelle Williams looking bold and bright!


As the post title suggests, a little color goes a long way and Elise Neal, Melanie Fiona, and Michelle Williams prove that as each of the ladies look absolutely stunning in these bold and bright hues. I don’t think people incorporate bold and bright colors in to their wardrobes enough. Whether you make a bold statement with bright skinny jeans, or if you want to add color in a more subtle way like with a necklace, either way your look will be taken up a notch.

Color blocking has been huge for the past few seasons. Although I don’t really consider it a trend, it is still going strong. Color blocking will be major in the fall as well so don’t be afraid to embrace it. It is known that wearing different colors will have an effect on your personality and mood. So to help brighten up your look and day I have selected a wide arrange of colorful items to incorporate in your wardrobe.



Wedding season has arrived and I am sure some of you have at least one wedding to attend within the next few weeks.

Sometimes finding the right outfit for a Wedding can be difficult (especially in the hot Summer months) so allow me to be of some assistance. 🙂

Here are some tips that you should consider when choosing your outfit:

– Avoid wearing white, ivory or cream.  These colors are designated for the bride only and perhaps the bridal party but they are not colors we as guests should be wearing.  Instead opt for bright colors or pastels – Mint, Tangerine Orange, Magenta, Turquoise, Peach etc.

– Avoid wearing anything too flashy and revealing. This is a Wedding not a club event.  Low cut, backless, cut-out, too short, body-con garments should be avoided at all cost.  Weddings are classy events and should be treated as such.  Also, once again this is the Brides day and your outfit should not be taking the spotlight over the Bride.

– With the hot and humid weather that has been plaguing 99% of the country you want to dress cool – there is nothing cute about sweating when you are all done up. Opt for light/breathable fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, taffeta etc) and of course lighter colors will also keep you cooler.

– Dress according to the time/place of the wedding.  If the wedding is a day time event you can be a little less formal – try a dressy short suit, floral dress or even a jumpsuit.  If the Wedding is in the evening you will need to be more formal and should usually go for a cocktail dress in a darker color (it can still be bright, just no pastels) or even go with black dress (that whole you can’t wear black to a wedding is a myth!!)   Also,  keep in mind that if the ceremony is taking place in a church and you are wearing something strapless or a little low-cut you should try to bring some type of shawl/scarf to cover up your shoulders/chest during the ceremony – it’s the appropriate thing to do. 🙂

– Lastly, wear something you are comfortable in and can move around in.  One of the best parts of a Wedding is the reception and you want to be able to dance, socialize and enjoy yourself!

Let’s get into some outfit inspiration for Summer Weddings:




Check out a few Summer Wedding outfit ideas below:

Summer Wedding
Summer Wedding: Jumpsuit
Color Short Suit:
Summer Wedding: Short Suit
Peplum Dress:
Summer Wedding: Peplum Dress