One of the “It” colors for fall besides your traditional colors like rust, burgundy, wine, camel, forest green, and your neutrals black, white, grey, and navy is BLUE. Not only is it the beloved color of my illustrious sorority (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.) It is just a great way to spice up an outfit on a dreary fall day. Check out my wish list featuring this fab color

Wednesday's Wish List: I've Got the Blues


These pieces will go with a variety of things. I’m all for getting the most out of the items in my closet and those Bow Tie Flats from Mod Cloth may just make a special appearance in my closet this fall.

What’s on your wish list this week?

Lately we have been experiencing real fall weather. One day it was like 59 degrees in certain parts of NYC. That is not normal for August, but we can’t control the weather. This week we are in the high 80s (woop woop), but who knows what the weather will be like the first week of September.

If the weather cooperates and acts like it is supposed to, right now we don’t have to put all of our summer clothes away because some things can be transitioned into fall, even as late as October. One piece that was somewhat popular this summer was the sleeveless blazer. It’s not exactly a vest, it’s more sophisticated and can make any look more polished.


Here are three reasons why the sleeveless blazer is the perfect fall layering piece

Reason #1 it can be paired with your denim jacket or leather jacket for a more modern look. Leather sleeves are huge once again this fall and you can transform a denim jacket. Pair it with your favorite jeans and t-shirt and a pair of boots for a great fall look.

Sleeveless Blazer #1

Reason #2 it can be worn with your favorite work dress. This is how we can make the most of our wardrobe! Pair the sleeveless blazer with your favorite long sleeve dress and add a belt to cinch your waist.

Sleeveless Blazer #2

Reason #3 it can be paired with your favorite cardigans and sweaters. Sometimes we just need a little extra warmth and this may be the perfect piece before we  pull out our heavier jackets.

Sleeveless Blazer Look #3

You can make your own sleeveless blazer for cheap. Head to your local thrift shop or salvation army and look for a blazer either fitted or oversized (I’d go with a size or two bigger). Cut sleeves along the armhole. If you are good at hemming garments, you can hem the area you just cut or take it to the tailor to be hemmed. You can also attach the sleeves to another item for a new look! Also look for blazers of different prints and textures as well.

I’m thinking of a DIY project….what about you?

Hey my loves!

Ok so for this installment of Wednesday’s Wish List I’m still focused on my work wardrobe. I want to switch things up a bit with my style this year so for this look I mixed the masculine with the feminine to create this chic look.

Wednesday's Wish List pt. 2 Feminine Edge

Leather jackets (or faux) are staples in everyone’s wardrobe. It is the perfect outerwear item for the fall besides  a fall trench coat. Leather jackets can be paired with practically anything, depending on the look that you are going for. You can pair it with jeans and a t-shirt or even your most feminine dress. So I paired a faux leather jacket with fire red slim cropped pants, a white light-weight sweater with cut-out details and a pair of flat gold metallic captoe ankle boots. The pants and sweater are what’s feminine about this look. These two items can be paired with heels for a dinner date or girls night out. The boots and jacket gives this look a slight masculine edge. The sunglasses and handbag finish of the look. You won’t need much jewelry for this look because you have quite a few elements to focus on already. Remember sometimes less is more.


Do you know where I will be on September 15, 2013 at 8am? If you guessed Target you are absolutely correct. The highly anticipated collection with Phillip Lim will be available in stores and online. I usually don’t shop these collections the day of, but this is a different situation. This will be my 3rd time (I’ve purchased from the Jason Wu Collection and Prabal Gurung Collection) and I have been pleased with everything.

Check out some of my favorite looks from the up coming collection

The collection, separated into three sections (morning, noon and night) is meant to be an assortment of lasting, wearable wardrobe staples for someone on the go. It melds Target’s mission–to fulfill the everyday needs of the masses–with Lim’s signature aesthetic, to some pretty perfect results.


I’m a sucker for prints so the boom sweatshirt will be mine as well as the blouse and skirt combo. These colors are perfect for fall. I love how the sweat pants were styled. The flats and oversized bag takes it from lazy to luxe


I would wear all of these looks to work. I love floral print but mainly wear it during the spring and summer. These looks show how you can wear florals all year round. The green/blue dress is so my style. I love the pop of color on the sleeves.


I’m not big on wearing suits, but the bottom left pic is so chic. I also love the leather moto jacket with the loose fitting blouse. Leather (faux or real) toughens up the most feminine and sophisticated looks so it is a staple in your wardrobe.

Guys I didn’t forget about you!


I love the sporty feel of the men’s wear, but I also love how it can be more tailored too. A well dressed man can go from the streets to the board room and this collection will help you guys do that.

This collection is modern, feminine, and sophisticated for women and super cool, tailored, and stylish for the men.

I can’t wait!

Check out Phillip Lim’s full interview with for more on his inspiration Click Here

For the full lookbook click here

Will you be shopping this collection? I plan on spending quite a few dollars here lol

I clearly had this page marked n my magazine lol

I clearly had this page marked n my magazine lol

I was looking through the Lucky Magazine September issue (I’m still waiting for my others, I think someone is “borrowing” them and not returning them if you know what I mean) Anyway, I saw an Old Navy add and their new Tuxedo Skinnies and instantly fell in love. So naturally I went looking for other brands with similar designs.

What I Want Now: Tuxedo Stripe Skinnies

SOLD Design Lab tuxedo stripe skinny jeans / Rich & Skinny jeans / Flying Monkey tuxedo jeans

These pants are so versatile. They can go from day to night instantly with a change of accessories. I will definitely be adding a pair or two (or three) to my fall wardrobe lol so you know I say Rock It! What are your thoughts on this trend?