Wax On, Wax Off! Waxed Denim

What was that? What are waxed jeans? I’m glad you asked! Waxed jeans are just regular denim pants with a wax coating to add a different shine and texture to the material. Waxed jeans go by other names such as waterproof jeans, painted jeans, or black coated jeans as well. Waxed jeans are also very similar to leather pants. So if you want a more affordable option that allows your skin to breathe easier, then waxed jeans are definitely for you. They come in a variety of colors and I think the perfect cut would be a skinny jean or slim leg/straight leg jeans. To try the trend check out the options below.


There are also a number of DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials on YouTube so check those out as well if you are in a creative mood!



Denim shirts are timeless and never really go out of style; however they’ve made a big comeback this year and if you don’t own one yet, you definitely should get one.

What I love about denim shirts is that they are so versatile and can be worn and styled in so many ways.

Denim shirts (if a solid denim) should be treated like a black or white shirt (they go with everything) dress em up, dress em down….you can’t go wrong. I love them with pencil skirts (for work), tied at the stomach with a long maxi skirt, or paired with another denim piece (denim on denim is great if styled right).

Also keep in mind the darker denim looks “dressier” and is usually work appropriate.

Check out some outfit ideas on how to style your denim shirt.



Midi Skirts & Maxi Dresses: Denim shirts look great with midi skirts and maxi dresses.  When pairing your denim shirt with a skirt or dress opt for a more tailored denim shirt so that it shows off your figure and compliments the dress/skirt.


How to Wear A Denim Shirt: Midi Skirt & Maxi Dress
Printed Trousers and Floral Jeans: I love paring my denim shirt with printed trousers or floral jeans.  It is really unexpected and can be styled so many different ways.  My favorite combo is a denim shirt with animal print trousers and a bright, bold shoe.
How To Wear A Denim Shirt: Printed Trousers & Floral Jeans
Denim on Denim:  I think one of the biggest things people try to avoid while wearing denim is wearing denim on denim.  However, as I mentioned if worn correctly it can look really good!  The trick is to wear 2 different color denims – it helps to break up the denim. Also add some color and diversity with bold accessories and shoes.
How To Wear A Denim Shirt: Denim on Denim
So, Ladies – whats your favorite way to wear a denim shirt????

So gentleman, the unofficial start to the summer is upon us which also means since the weather changes so does your wardrobe. But what must remain is the mainstay of style. So whether you have packed up to head somewhere tropical and breezy like Miami, Cancun, Myrtle Beach,D.R. style incorporates  some board shorts or speedo.

In NYC if it doesn’t rain your going to BBQ hop like a rolling stone with no home here are some outfit ideas to keep the eyes on you and not the grill.

Untitled #3

Camo shorts have been big for a couple of years now so why fix what isn’t broken. Pair with your favorite tee since they are the ultimate utility piece to your summer wardrobe. Of course the fitted cap / Jordan combo is a staple of mine so head into the closet and pull out your favorite pair.

Untitled #2

Want to turn it up a bit, ditch the Jordans & fitted pull out your favorite pair of slim jeans and pair with a classic polo. For the shoe game a nice casual sneaker is the move. Some like boat shoes, I personally like a clean shoe which feature different materials like tweed or tumbled leather. Its a classic look updated for the times we are in.

Untitled #1

Want to impress? Get well dressed in the lighter neutral hued pants. Usually dressed up with a blazer & tie or with a polished sweater but for the weather we expect dress them down with a denim or chambray short sleeve shirt. A nice pair of oxfords from designers like Cole Haan complete the look and keep you comfortable. Its the perfect finishing touch.

Here’s a few options but obviously there’s many more.. I’m only one man.

Nobody can deny my affinity for 10 Deep clothing. Every season year after year the collections get better and grow my affection more. For Spring ’12 you can see the use of camouflage huge as well as new denim washes. Camo & denim always a good look for Spring. Not to be back burned is the sweatshirts as well as button downs. I’m huge on details on back of crew necks as well as plaid. They explain the Spring 2012 collection, entitled “Triple X Inc”, this way:

This new collection is the realization of our design work of the last few years. It is, in our opinion, the best mix of our multi-genre vintage, socially-contrarian and distinctive contemporary street wear fashion, yet.
With our minds focused on the product, we produced what is, for us, a very simple shoot to showcase the new goods. New denim washes, some unique camouflage (and non-camo) patterns, lightweight nylon pullovers and vintage washed sweats, alongside the graphic crew necks and lightweight varsity jackets that we’re known for, highlight the collection.
And, in what is an unusual move for us, the lookbook release coincides with a release of new product in the 10 Deep webstore.
The season’s not done yet.  Stay tuned as there is more to come…

Take a look at the collection below and be sure to visit the aforementioned 10 Deep webstore for your favorite pieces.

During Berlin Fashion Week from January 18th to 20th, adidas Originals showcased its stylish new Fall/Winter 2012 collection at the Bread & Butter Trade Show.

Presenting the premium sector of the brand, adidas gave a first outlook on the upcoming highlights such as Originals Denim, the Blue collection and the design collaborations with Jeremy Scott, David Beckham and Ransom

The styles remain classic adidas but with additions & the eccentric collabs they remain now.