I don’t remember the last time I did a “What I Wore”  post but this one is definitely long over due. One of my absolute favorite things to wear is a maxi skirt. They are extremely comfortable and low maintenance. They also go with just about any type of shirt. I usually pair my maxi skirt with a tank top or t-shirt, but I decided to pair it with my neon crop top that I purchased from Century 21 eons ago. I wanted to wear the shirt with a pair of high-waisted shorts or jeans, but I never found a pair that I actually liked. Then when I had on the skirt I was looking for a t-shirt and grabbed this. I was like “OMG my waist looks tiny and I have hips!” Not that I didn’t notice these things before, but with this outfit I was really able to see a figure that I didn’t know existed lol. I paired the look with jewelry that I received in a swag bag from an event a few months ago and my Via Spiga clogs. Take a closer look



As the week draws to an end I am day-dreaming about my weekend and what I’m going to do.  *le sigh*

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is go out with friends for brunch!  Brunch in NYC is a big thing and most restaurants have some type of brunch special during the weekend (these specials usually include unlimited cocktails —- brings on the mimosas, champagne and bellinis!!!).

Brunch in NYC (especially when going to one of the “hot spots”) is kind of like a fashion show — everyone is dressed to impressed and everyone is checking out the next person to see what their wearing.

So, what does one wear to brunch???  It really all depends on your mood – some of us use our weekends to wear relaxed and comfortable clothing and some of us stay stylin’ from Friday night to Sunday night!! 🙂

If you are opting for something more comfortable and relaxed try wearing a maxi dress with flats and if you are trying to make a fashion statement break out the crop top and heels!

Below are a few “Brunch Idea” looks I’ve put together – hope you guys like them!

What’s your “go-to” outfit for weekend brunch??




What To Wear for Brunch: Look # 1
What to Wear to Brunch: Look # 2
What to Wear to Brunch: Look # 3
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What to Wear to Brunch: Look # 5