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One of my co-workers sent me a text on Friday and said “What’s up with this fashion mobile truck?” I heard about the mobile trucks but never really did much research until. Since the boom of food trucks happened across the country, creative individuals have been putting their own spin on ways to capitalize on this new business venture. Well because of this and it’s cost effectiveness (much cheaper than opening up a boutique) we now have fashion trucks like The Style Liner, The Fashion Truck, Le Fashion Truck and more across the country.

Fashion Trucks are convenient places to get an affordable and stylish outfit in a hurry. They offer a wide range of designers, styles, and sizes. Most trucks even give you the option of ordering online. Most trucks only operate during the summer months or in warm climates. No one wants to parked outside on Spring and Broadway in 20 degree weather so I totally understand.

Since the boutique is in a moving vehicle you have to check on line for the newest location. Trucks like the Style Liner service the East Coast so they could be coming to a city near you.

Would you shop at a Fashion Truck for a quick fashion fix?

Click here for more information on this new phenomenon

Williamsburg is definitely one of the “IT” neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY. Known for its diversity in food, music, art, and its eccentric population and  fashion sense, you will definitely find some interesting places, people and things that will never find in other areas. I was recently in Williamsburg and came upon this vintage boutique: Rabbits NYC. What drew me inside was the rack of vintage dresses for $20 bucks out front and I’m glad I went in.

Rabbits NYC first opened in 2004 and has grown to become one of the most fashionable and visited vintage shops in NY.Models, designers, fashionistas and your modern working women visit rabbits for their fashion fix.

This vintage shop provides their customers with a variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories from many designers.

This is a great place to find quality vintage items. They have pieces that suits all types of budgets.

I don’t know if it is the deep pink walls, or the white and black wall paper, but Rabbits is such an inviting space.

Here is Yuki, one of the associates at Rabbits, sporting a vintage animal print blazer, black dress and opaque tights.

Next time you are in Brooklyn, visit Rabbits NYC.

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