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Make It Happen! Weekly Health Goals

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment- Jim Rohn In December I set my goals … [Continue Reading]


Fab Under $50: Transform Your Look with these Accessories

Since I moved into my new apartment last August, my accessories game has taken a turn for the worst. … [Continue Reading]


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: My Healthy Lifestyle Journey

On December 30th I held a Vision Board brunch with a few of my friends, sister, and niece (yes my, … [Continue Reading]


What to Wear: #OOTD to Beat the Winter Blues

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Motivation Monday: Time to Grow Up and Life Updates!


Hey my loves! I know the last time I wrote a post I said that I was back to blogging because I finished school, and guess what that wasn't the case. I know I said I was in the process of moving and I would still blog, but I didn't. I am a woman of my word, so don't hold my lack of consistency against me, but A LOT has changed since I last wrote that post. So here it goes... Life Updates I got a new job. Well this isn't just a job, I am advancing in my career as an educator. This year would have been my 9th year as a teacher, but God had a different plan. I am now an AP (Assistant Principal)! How awesome is that! I moved. New place, new life, new responsibilities. This is the first season in about three years that I missed fashion week and.....I'm not bothered by missing it. I will be 30 in less than a month and so it is time to grow up. I have a new career that … [Read More...]

Hair Chronicles: 4 Lob Hairstyles to try this Fall!


The lob is not new, but it has become extremely popular over the last few years. For those of you who are wondering what a lob is, it's just a long bob. So you have the sharp cut of a bob, but with more length. I like to change my hairstyle every few months and I may get a lob. I'm not interested in cutting my own hair at this point, so I'll probably get a weave. Here are some lob styles that I may want to try for the fall. Look 1: Colored Lob...like Ciara, Rita Ora, and Nicole Richie, go for a style in a bold color that compliments your skin tone. Look 2: Layered Lob...like Chanel Iman and Zoe Saldana a layered lob is great for faming the face Look 3: Ombre Lob...I still love the ombre trend. While some people are going for blues, purples, greens, and other extreme colors, Jessica Alba's honey tones are perfect for the fall and for the professional Look 4: Lob with Bangs...like … [Read More...]

Flawless Fall Transition Essential: Chic Outerwear


Flawless Fall Transition: Chic Outerwear by janiquehgb featuring black boots I'm not sure if summer ever came, but Fall is definitely upon us and to make the most of your wardrobe you need to know how to transition. The best way to get a few more wears out of those maxis and sundresses is by pairing them with a jacket. That could include a blazer, leather moto jacket, denim jacket, and one of my personal favorites, the anorak. I'm sure some of the pieces I'll have listed below, you'll already have in your closet. Now when those cooler temperatures roll around, don't be in such a rush to pack away those dresses, pair with a jacket on cooler days. You could even pair your dresses with tights, boots, cardigan and jacket too...layering is always key. Check out my top picks below. Flawless Fall Transition: Chic Outerwear 2 by janiquehgb featuring a faux leather motorcycle … [Read More...]

My Favorite Summer Fragrance: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue “Escape to Panarea”


I have a confession to make...I rarely buy myself perfume. I really don't have a reason why, I just hate going through department stores and being bombarded by sales associates trying to get me to sample everything under the sun. Sephora isn't as bad a department stores, but I still never really have the urge to buy anything. With that being said, I do have an extensive perfume collection because I'll get most of my fragrances as gifts from my family or my boyfriend. He honestly has purchased about 85% of my perfume collection and I am very appreciative of that. Early during the summer he bought me the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Femme Escape to Panarea. I've always liked the original Light Blue, but this has been my summer staple. Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Pour Femme Escape to Panarea 1.7 oz. (see more light blue perfumes) Product Description Dolce&Gabbana … [Read More...]