My absolute favorite New York brand 10.Deep unveil their Summer 2012 collection. Presenting various items from tanks to, caps and bags, the entire range is a testament to their diversity in terms of presenting quality and quantity of goods. A host of energetic prints that run the gamut from camo to Southwest-inspired, the collection is clean! Camo seems to be the print this summer and they held nothing back. The tees obviously knock and accessories such as their caps and bags always hit a grand slam. The pieces can be picked up now from the webshop so make it happen cap’n! Enjoy the previews below…


Summer’s here so its  time to enjoy your favorite singer, rapper, band, or musician. New York City is robust with shows and festivals some of which are free throughout the summer. I’ve never been one to frequent these events but it seem to be all the rage (guess my age is catching up with me).

Whether its MSG for a headliner pumping with the crowd or just Central Park hearing your favorite raps amongst the trees you still have to look cool while remaining cool. Just you and your peoples jumping from borough to borough.

So try these outfits out for a try since they’re cool and collected and perfect for summer concert and festivals.

summer 1

summer 3

summer 2

June brings the 2nd most important of the parental holidays: Fathers Day! I jest but major important shout out to the men that chose to be fathers and are actually taking care of their responsibilities. As a man who grew with his father actually in his life it is a day that should be celebrated larger.. So to help you make an impact though small in your important mans life i compiled a few ideas to help show your love and appreciation.

For the casual drinker:

Sometimes, nothing can take the edge off of a day of stress and work like a nice, stiff drink. Buy your dad  a bottle of  Single Malt Scotch Whiskey aged 15 years or longer and you’ll be able to enjoy it with him on Father’s Day. As the years pile on the palate changes to more smooth sophisticated tastes. It may be less permanent, but nice liquor is a luxury he’s unlikely to give himself. Good-quality liquor is also good to have around for when entertaining.

For the tech savvy:

As the news will tell you everyone & their father owns a tablet or smartphone. So that idea was finished off the last couple of years but you can still capitalize. Pick him up a case for that tablet made from saddled leather or suede. You can also make a custom photo case for his smartphone, choose any precious photo, image or graphic to personalize his device. It shows you know what his interest are and not just focused on yourself.

For the stylish:

Cmon how many ties does Dad need? Step up you gift game and capitalize on the upcoming dog days of summer. Upgrade his summer wardrobe with stylish plaid shorts, canvas belts and vintage polos from such outfits as Banana Republic, American Eagle or even your local Macys with styles like Alfani.

For the business man:

Help dad stay organized with a new briefcase or messenger bag. An organized messenger bag in soft tumbled leather designed with an adjustable fabric shoulder strap not only will keep his papers and documents in tact but look good doing it.

For the new dad:

The new dad deserves some special attention. Embracing his role of both proud papa and mom’s support team leader, when it comes to being a great dad, he’s a natural. Small things like handprint canvas wall print or engraving on photo frames & desk items will show the appreciation for being a stand up individual. A good nights rest is also a great idea but we know those will be far in between.

So on this special upcoming day there are many gift ideas but whatever you choose will be appreciated either because its a good look or it has to be.


Boat shoes (also known as deck shoes or topsiders) are typically canvas or leather with non-marking rubber soles designed for use on a boat. A siping pattern is cut into the soles to provide grip on a wet deck; the leather construction, along with application of oil, is designed to repel water.

The boat shoe made its comeback a few years ago, and soon after, a handful of designers  tweaked the sailor staple but not enough to kill its blue-blooded roots. Now we get Boat Shoes 3.0, a technicolor explosion that will only get you dirty looks off of New England. Talking tri-tone colorways, neon yellow soles, and jailhouse stripes. Sure, you can wear them with anything from khakis to seersucker for a shot of adrenaline. But think outside the prep and wear them with camo shorts, gray jeans, Supreme gear, mostly anything that might piss off a sailor enough to show you his dirty mouth.

Companies like Sperry Top-Siders, Sebago and H&M all make an affordable shoe. Some like to show off a little so you can step up a little to Ralph Lauren & Bally on a higher end. The boat shoe has been an American staple since Paul Sperry was inspired by his dog running on ice in 1935. Just like the times change so do styles and innovations are made. This is just another example.

So gentleman, the unofficial start to the summer is upon us which also means since the weather changes so does your wardrobe. But what must remain is the mainstay of style. So whether you have packed up to head somewhere tropical and breezy like Miami, Cancun, Myrtle Beach,D.R. style incorporates  some board shorts or speedo.

In NYC if it doesn’t rain your going to BBQ hop like a rolling stone with no home here are some outfit ideas to keep the eyes on you and not the grill.

Untitled #3

Camo shorts have been big for a couple of years now so why fix what isn’t broken. Pair with your favorite tee since they are the ultimate utility piece to your summer wardrobe. Of course the fitted cap / Jordan combo is a staple of mine so head into the closet and pull out your favorite pair.

Untitled #2

Want to turn it up a bit, ditch the Jordans & fitted pull out your favorite pair of slim jeans and pair with a classic polo. For the shoe game a nice casual sneaker is the move. Some like boat shoes, I personally like a clean shoe which feature different materials like tweed or tumbled leather. Its a classic look updated for the times we are in.

Untitled #1

Want to impress? Get well dressed in the lighter neutral hued pants. Usually dressed up with a blazer & tie or with a polished sweater but for the weather we expect dress them down with a denim or chambray short sleeve shirt. A nice pair of oxfords from designers like Cole Haan complete the look and keep you comfortable. Its the perfect finishing touch.

Here’s a few options but obviously there’s many more.. I’m only one man.