Obviously looking at this list it shows it was compiled based on popularity and what the rapper has accomplished during the year. I had to say that because THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT GUCCI MANE! I’m sorry but he is  horrible. Just because you have a million guest appearances and you have a million mix tapes, that does not make you good at all. (This is also one of the issues that I have with Lil Wayne, but he has grown on me).Lyrics have nothing to do with this list (if they did then Eminem would be up there) but this is based solely on popularity  and what the person has accomplished in the rap game during the course of the year….not career. Why didn’t T.I. make the list? hmmmm interesting


Kudos to Fab, Yeezy, Drake and of course Jay-Z for making the list!

buff black men

There are five things that women should never, ever ask a guy (supposedly)
The five questions are:

   1 –  What are you thinking? ( I ask this allll of the time lol)
   2 –  Do you love me?
   3 –  Do I look fat?
   4 –  “Do you think she is prettier than me? (Insecure are we? )
   5 –  “What would you do if I died?” (This is a bit extreme lol)

If the questions aren’t answered “properly” it can (and most likely will) lead to an unnecessary argument. If you are not ready for the truth, don’t ask! If you ask these questions you probably won’t get a response right away because he is thinking of something to say that won’t get him smacked. We have to stop being so vulnerable to these guys. We are putting them in control of our emotions and feelings. Yes we need compliments, yes we need to be held, yes we need to be loved, yes we need to feel like we are truly the best thing to ever happen to him, so guys make sure you do your part so we wouldn’t have to ask the questions that you hate! Ladies, we can’t be loved or love another if we don’t love ourselves….so give yourself a hug…(I make my students do that when they say something really profound lol)

If you don’t know this already you are in luck! Men are very simple creatures (yes I said creatures) and often times there is a lack of communication between men and women because we (women) automatically assume men think like us (which we know is not the case) So here is a list of a few things we should know about the men in our lives. This may be new to some and a reminder to others so enjoy!


1. Compliment him! Men need to feel “pretty” also. If he looks good let him know. We know how we feel when a man tells us we look gorgeous or beautiful so don’t forget to do the same for him.

2. Always keep up your appearance. When we finally snag our prince charming some women tend to “fall off” That is a huge mistake. I am not saying go to great lengths to look beautiful such as plastic surgery, but maintain your figure, dress up occasionally and leave the sweats in the closet. Do the same thing that you were doing when he was courting you. Just because you have him doesn’t mean its over…remember you have to keep him!

3. Have your own life! We some people get into relationships they cut their friends and family off. They want to spend every moment with the new boo, but ladies, he WANTS you to have your own life. He is not going to stop hanging out with his friends or watching Monday night football. Continue to participate in the activities that brought you pleasure before you met him. Your life shouldn’t stop for him.


4. Have a backbone! I don’t think there is a sign on anyone’s back that says “Welcome to My Home.” You are not a door mat so do not act like one. Stand up for yourself and to him. This may lead to an argument, but at least he knows that you stand for something and you are not going to say “Ok baby”

5. Men show their love in multiple ways. I know you are like “he can say it once in a while.” I totally agree!! But just because he didn’t say I love you when you hung up the phone last night does not mean that he does not possess those feelings. They show their love in many ways…you just have to know your partner well enough to know that he loves you. Did he give you the last Sticky Wing at BBQs? That’s love (lol kidding)


6. If he is less talkative or if he doesn’t seem excited and you ask “What’s wrong?” If he says “nothing’s wrong” chances are nothing is wrong. Sometimes they don’t want to talk. Don’t nag the man to death until he tells you something that you don’t want to hear. Let him be. If there is a problem he will come and talk to you…eventually lol…Just let him know ok, but if you need to talk I’m here and leave it alone. (This is extremely hard for me, but I’m working on it)

7. Don’t take certain things literally. If he says how was your day…he doesn’t want a play by play. To be honest I give it anyway lol! I was reluctant with posting this particular one because if you ask how my day was I am going to let you know how it was. I’m not going say oh it was good…unless I don’t want to talk to you, but usually I give a detailed summary(how much detail can you give in a summary right lol) of my days events. If you know me, you know I ALWAYS have a story…might I add they are always pretty funny! so that’s what you are going to get. If you don’t want the details don’t ask the question.

Ok once again I am no relationship expert, but when I find things on the internet that are interesting I always want to share with you. Once again, use your judgment. I don’t know the details of many of your relationships, but hopefully this will open up the lines of communication better.

Trey2Friday Eye Candy for the ladies! I think every time I see a new photo or video of Trey Songz he gets more and more gorgeous! Its crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about a celebrity before…other than Allen Iverson…I can really see why he has so many groupies…guys like Bobby Valentino and Ne-Yo…not so much.





To celebrate 10 years of success of Rocawear, Jay-Z and the Rocawear team present to us “X” (pronounced ten not X)  Hov’s cologne had Oprah going crazy! She said on the Gayle King Satellite Radio Show “He smelled so good” and guess what, X is what Hov was wearing. Now if Oprah likes how he smells, that says a lot about this fragrance. I’m pretty sure Oprah doesn’t have Steadman walking around smelling like the cologne that you buy in DuaneReade.

X is the follow up fragrance to 9IX (99 for those of you who are not familiar with roman numerals) which did extremely well and signifies the founding year of Rocawear, and so “X” brings everything full circle.

“Rocawear is an iconic brand which is evident by our tenure in an ever-changing marketplace. We are about being bold and unapologetic with the products we create,” says creator Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. “X by Rocawear is our brand personified as it represents how we have evolved to remain consistently relevant as a leader of popular culture. The fragrance is unlike anything out there and is our way of celebrating this special moment in time.”


Well we will be able to get a taste of X in September, probably around the time BP3 drops (pure excitement) It will be available at Macy*s and Dillard’s department stores for $50-$65.