So on September 15, 2013 at 4:21am I magically awoke from my deep sleep and checked twitter to see if they released the Phillip Lim for Target collection online and to my surprise they did. I stumbled out of my bed to get my computer to shop my little heart out. I did not want to deal with the lines and the crowds so I thought online shopping was my best option. I knew which piece I wanted definitely (The Boom Sweatshirt), but I was still conflicted on what else to purchase. Many of the New York bloggers that I follow happened to shop the pre collection during fashion week and started wearing their pieces already, and although they looked great in everything (Shout out to Glam Nikki) I wasn’t sure if the pieces I thought I wanted were for me. Plus I’m trying to be a “smarter shopper.” Many of the pieces that I wanted I knew that I wouldn’t get that many wears out of them because of the distinct patterns. I needed to get the pieces that were the most functional for my wardrobe and the pieces that I absolutely loved, not just liked. I also set a specific budget that I did not want to break.

So I ended up choosing four things. After weeks of waiting for my purchases to arrive they finally came last week! I was so excited. Although online shopping is less of a hassle, the waiting time sucks.

IMG_8916 IMG_8922 IMG_8925

Later that day I went to Target with my mother and there were tons of pieces left and in my size. They were all over the place but I was able to see if I missed anything online and I didn’t. I got everything that I wanted and needed, with the exception of one handbag. I was looking for a presentation clicker in electronics and saw one of the workers stashing bags behind the register to purchase later. If she had the bag that I wanted you know I would have said something, but she didn’t so I let her slide lol.

I’m just happy that I can finally wear the things that I purchased and carry the oh so fabulous bags! Ok I know I’m about 2 weeks late, but hey it’s better late than never.

The weather in New York City has been marvelous for those who love fall. Around the evening time the weather is perfect for a nice jacket and you can begin breaking out those fall boots. Although a few days last week we were in the 90s and high 80s summer is officially on its way out.

If you are still looking for some pieces to add to your fall wardrobe look no further than Vince Camuto. Many people are fond of the brand’s footwear, but they have great apparel as well. Take a look at my Top 7 picks for fall from Vince Camuto under $100.

vince camuto fall


The black and white trend is still going strong this fall, so I picked this mixed print cardigan to stay on trend and modernize your look with the forbidden stripes and polka dots, and also a black and white striped blouse. Different shades of blue also ruled the runway for Fall 2013 so i selected a cobalt blue long henley top that would look great with solid leggings, faux leather pants/leggings, or skinny jeans. Cranberry is also a great color for fall so I chose a solid color top, and also multi-color geometric print blouse with black skinny trousers as well. Last but not least, I chose a printed pencil skirt that would be great for the office and drinks after work.

What styles are you adding to your wardrobe this fall?

It seems like every few seasons plaid makes its way back into our lives. I used to own quite a few plaid shirts, but I have no idea where they are. My favorite was purple, black, grey, and white and I always wore it with my grey skinny jeans. I couldn’t get those skinny jeans to go past my knees a few years ago so they are long gone, and I guess my shirt is too.

Anywhoo, this season plaid is making a huge comeback and it’s not just with the tops. Think jackets, coats, blazers, skirts, dresses, shoes, and more. I think I still have this plaid jacket that I purchased from H&M a few years ago. I really love the coat, but it takes some work to put it on, well maybe not a lot of work, but it has more buttons and strings that need to be fastened and tied or you will just look ridiculous walking down the street.

Here are 5 pieces that I love that would be great additions to anyone’s wardrobe. Remember, when it comes to trends you want to pick trends that work for your body type. So be mindful of what you choose. Plaid is a busy print and you do not want to pick an item that draws attention to your problem areas. Take a look at the pieces that I selected below.

Pretty in Plaid

Closet blue flare dress

Miss Selfridge red dress

Forever 21 black top

Miss Selfridge skirt

Would you rock this trend?

When some asks me what are some classic pieces that they should have in their wardrobe I always say a blazer, a great pair of jeans, a little black dress, and a white shirt.

White shirts are timeless and goes with everything. They can be worn as layering pieces under a blazer or over a t-shirt. The following styles are classing and must-haves for a woman’s wardrobe now.

classic white blouses

Dorothy Perkins white top

Zara shirt

While all of these shirts can be paired with just about anything, The Classic is best when paired with a pencil skirt or slim fitting trousers and a blazer for a chic work look. The pussy bow blouse is great for printed pants or pants in a bold color. The tunic would look great with jeans for a weekend look or leggings if you are just running errands.

What do you all wear your classic white tops with?

Usually in the fall and winter I rarely wear skirts and dresses. The I’ll do is throw on a sweater dress, tights, and knee boots and keep it moving. I’m trying to break that habit by purchasing more skirts and dresses in heavier fabrics for the fall and winter and that brings me to the quilted skirt.

I remember when I was in elementary school my mom made my brother, sister, and I take our school picture together. I was in 3rd grade and I wore a yellow/gold quilted skirt with a purple shirt with gold buttons. My sister wore the same skirt but with a red shirt and my brother had on some type of shirt to compliment our colors. We looked cute (too bad I don’t have a picture to confirm this) take my word for it lol. We didn’t call them quilted skirts back then, they were called popcorn skirts, but you get the idea.

I felt a little nostalgic as I was looking through my September issue of InStyle Magazine so I had to hunt down some modern options of what I once wore back in elementary school. Here are my picks

Fall Must Have: Quilted Skirts

Mango quilted skirt
$31 –

Miss Selfridge quilted skirt

River Island panel skirt
$34 –

Quilted skirt
$31 –

River Island zipper skirt
$28 –

I can definitely see myself rocking the red skater skirt from River Island, the midi from TopShop, and the quilted skirt with the zipper from Fashion Union.

Which would you rock?