Hi guys, so I used to do a weekly round up of links many moons ago and decided to bring it back! I follow some great sites and blogs and it is only right that I share with you all the great information I come across. So here are my top reads of this week

1. Shanequa of The Fashion Pad shows us four different ways to rock floral pants

2. The ladies of O So Chic give us 6 Spring Fitness Tips from expert Kristen McGee

3. Kim of Makeup by Kim Porter is having an awesome giveaway from Ouidad’s Climate Control Collection!

4. Misha, The Fab Chick tells us what’s on her style radar- snakeskin textures and prints

5. Kimberlee from I Have a Degree In This gives us a list of 10 super foods for our hair

So check out these sites for some great prizes and reads!

On Wednesday I attended the media party to kick off Spa Week. As you may no, or maybe you don’t, spa week happens only a few times a year and you are able to partake in all of the great services for only $50. So yes the hundred dollar facials, wraps, and massages will only cost you $50 at participating spas. Spa Week goes from April 16-22, 2012

One of the spas participating in spa week is Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. At the event I was able to experience one of their fabulous treatments. When I say fabulous I mean it. They used new technology which increased blood circulation throughout the body. Once that was done I received one of the best hand massages ever by Syvia. She was truly amazing. I felt so refreshed after both treatments and it was only just a sample of what Red Door Spa has to offer.

Enjoying the Red Door Spa Services with Melissa from O So Chic

Spa Chicks on the Go and Christopher Drummond Beauty were also at the event providing services for all of the guests.

Also at the event was New York Times Best Selling Author Emily Giffin promoting her new book where we belong. I was familiar with her as an author I just had never read any of her books so it was great to actually meet her and get a signed copy of the book. Melissa of O So Chic has read all of her books and was excited to read this one. From our conversations, she has me starting my summer reading list a little bit early.

There were delicious desserts and food sponsored by i n c o g n i t o Continental Bistro here in New York City. Melissa told me I haven’t lived until I’ve had a rice crispy treat dipped in chocolate, and she was right!

Visit www.spaweek.com register and enter you zip code to find participating spas and a list of their $50 treatments. Book an appointment soon because the spots fill up quickly!

Take a look at the deals and specials offered by some of the NYC spas participating in spa week


Remember to book your appointments now! Spa Week goes from April 16-22, 2012


Last Thursday I left work at 2:58 (yes I know that is a strange time) and made my way from Brooklyn to Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in Manhattan by way of the D train. I have been talking about this event since I got the invite from Melissa of O So Chic. Lady Foot Locker teamed up with New Balance and celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak for boot camp style workout session.

At the beginning of the year when I created my vision board I designated a large spot for fitness. It says in bold letters “EAT HEALTHIER AND FLATTER BELLY” right next to a picture of Angela Simmons (We are the same height, close in weight, and have similar body types). I have been eating healthier and have seen a significant decrease in the belly area, but I have not been putting enough time in at the gym to see real results.

When I got this invite I thought this will be the thing to get me out of my workout slump which I have fallen victim to over the past month. As soon as I made the decision to attend I hopped on Google to learn more about Harley Pasternak. He has trained everyone from Halle Berry, Lady Gaga, to Rihanna. He uses what he calls the 5 Factor Program for dieting and fitness.

When all of the atendees arrived, we were given fly workout gear from New Balance including the newest line of sneakers from the Minimus Zero Collection. This sneaker is sleek and chic (was that too corny?). It comes in n array of colors and is extremely light weight. The light weight sneaker provides more comfort and the technology of the sneaker allows you to work your legs, thighs, and glutes all with a few easy steps.


Harley designed a workout plan that would target cardio, lower body, upper body, and abs. My lower body is probably the strongest because I am always doing squats and lunges. My challenging areas are definitely my core and upper body. I managed to get through the upper body workout but those planks were not working out for me. I thought I was going to be the slacker of the group but I kept up with the entire workout, well with the exception of the planks.

At the end we had a Q&A session with Harvey and also received signed copies of his latest book 5-Factor World Diet. We also received a copy of his book the 5 Factor Diet complete with recipes to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. During the Q&A session we munched on the 5 Factor Snack Chips. I had sour cream and onion and they were actually really good. With me it is always a hit or miss when it comes to healthy snacks, but these were actually good.

Since last Thursday I hav tried to keep up with the workout routine. I have not been back to the gym but I have been doing 30 minute workouts in my house. Spring will be here next week and summer is right around the corner. I will be ready for the beach in no time.

Overall Boot Camp was an amazing experience. It motivated me to continue on my journey of living a healthy lifestyle. I want to make eating healthy and exercising normal routines in my life, not just when the spring and summer time hit.

Thank you to Lady Foot Locker, New Balance and ofcourse Harley Pasternak for a wonerful experience and the extra push I needed moving forward with a healthier lifestyle.