About a month ago, well May 13th to be exact I emailed my friend from high school Cimone telling her I was about to unfollow her on Instagram because of her updates. I wasn’t serious about unfollowing her, but she had become an Herbalife coach and of course she had to promote her business. Watching her progress with Herbalife made me inquire about the benefits for my fitness goals and lifestyle. She gave me the rundown and answered all of my questions, I mean all and there were a lot.

So here is the abbreviated version of the 52,000 emails between us. I basically told her the goals that I wanted to achieve and how, if at all, herbalife can help me. She gave me an option of three plans based on my lifestyle and goals. I chose the first option which consisted of a cleanse, tea, and other tablets. I was only required to work out 2-3 times per week (minimum) and basically “eat clean,” which I have been doing anyway. I sent in my payment and then the magical box appeared lol.


Ok here’s the part you are here for is it the real deal?

Yes it is! It is as simple as that. I have been on this plan for two week and I have lost 4 lbs and have seen a significant change in certain parts of my body such as my stomach (yes it is going down!) and back. I know that I have a small frame, but my back fat was pretty gross for my size and shape. I looked in my fully body mirror yesterday and was like whoa…where did I go?

Not only have I seen a change in my body I also feel amazing. I told her I needed to increase my energy levels, especially with me going back to school this summer. I can HONESTLY say that I have more energy and I feel lighter. I sent Cimone a text this past weekend telling her how much lighter I feel. I used to feel really heavy, but that is not the case now and i don’t feel like I am carrying extra weight. I but admit that it has been difficult keeping up with the eating schedule, exercise, and water intake, especially on weekends, but in order to see results you have to stick with the plan. I’m still working out the kinks like consistently working out and keeping up with my meal plan on the weekend.


1. I feel lighter

2. I have more energy

3. I have seen REAL results in just 2 weeks (weight loss)

So for the people that have inquired if Herbalife really works, I can honestly say it does. Some people have inquired about my exact plan and the pricing, but your coach customizes a plan specifically for you based on your lifestyle and goals so each plan may differ. I can’t wait to see my results after a month. I’ll post pics then. If you want more information or if you want to see real deal results follow Cimone on Instagram: Monie_Gee

Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money. The reviews in this post are strictly based on my own experience. I have not been influenced by anyone or anything. 

With only a few more weeks left of April I have to find new ways to stay motivated on this healthy lifestyle journey. Last week I attended a spa week (there’s still time to book your appointments click here ) and I received a Spa Water book, which sparked this challenge. This book contains tons of recipes of various types infused water recipes for healthy eating and drinking. My coworker also randomly gave me an infused water recipe and so I took that as a sign.

So what is infused water exactly?

Fruit infused water is exactly what it states. It is water mixed with fruits and herbs with amazing health benefits, including getting rid of belly fat.


The most popular fruit infused water is lemon water and some of the benefits of drinking lemon water include:

  1. Boosts your immune system
  2. Decreases wrinkles and blemishes
  3. Flushes unwanted materials out of your system
  4. Relieves respiratory problems

Health Benefits of drinking Fruit and Herb Infused Water

  • Weight Loss
  • Younger and Healthier Looking Skin
  • More Energy
  • Better Taste/Flavors
  • More Nutrients, Vitamins, and Antioxidants
  • Improves Digestion
  • Improves Immune System
  • Improves your Mood

So for this challenge I will be replacing my usual fruit juices with fruit infused water. My goal is to drink at least 32 oz. per day for the next 14-days.

The ingredients and materials for the next 14-days.

1. Spa Water by Pam Wenzel (for inspiration)
2. Pitcher
3. Mason Jars
4. Fruit and Vegetable brush (for the non organic products)
5. Lemons
6. Limes
7. Peaches
8. Mint
9. Cucumber
10. Grapefruit
11. Basil
12. Berries (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry)
13. Peaches
14. Kiwi
15. Ginger

I will use 6-10 recipes over the course of the two-weeks. I will not try a new recipe each day because of my schedule and prepping for the week is easier than a new prep each day. I will be using the Spa Water book for inspiration but I will mainly “freestyle” my recipes. I will also be noting the effects of drinking fruit infused water as well. So stay tuned for the updates and if you are going to participate leave a comment below!

I will be using the hashtag #HGBInfusedH2O on all social media posts. So tag your pictures and recipes!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the recipes. I will begin the challenge Sunday April 21, 2013 and the challenge will end May 5, 2013.


It is time to usher in the spring with some pampering! We have to rejuvenate from the long and harsh winter and what better way to do that than at a spa! Well you are just in luck. Spa week begins tomorrow April 15th and it is not to late to book a $50 treatment. So go unwind and get pampered.


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Hello my fitness loves! I hope you all are having a splendid week so far. For today’s fitness post I wanted to focus on the 90/10 rule. For those of you who do not know, the 90/10 rule simply states that weight loss is 90% nutrition and 10% exercise. When I learned this a few years ago I was in complete shock. I knew that I couldn’t “pig out” and expect to be in shape, but I would think that exercise would be only 10%. You can do all of the crunches, planks, and sit-ups in the world, but if you are not eating a balanced diet, then you won’t see results.


When it comes to nutrition you should consult with a health professional to find a plan that best suits your lifestyle. I don’t have a set nutrition plan but this is what works for me.

  • Breakfast (Monday-Thursday) oatmeal and a boiled egg or a green smoothie
  • Morning Snack- Greek Yogurt and/or piece of fruit
  • Lunch (high in protein and lots of greens,multi-grain/fiber)
  • Afternoon Snack- fruit and/or nuts (almonds, pistachios, peanuts, or trail mix)
  • Dinner (high in Protein, greens, multi-grain/fiber)
  • Snack- fruit and/or nuts or a protein shake (after my evening workout)

Some people have eliminated carbs out of their lives completely, but I love bread too much to do that. I just minimize the amount I eat. I only eat whole wheat pasta, unless I’m at a restaurant. I may have pasta 3-5 times per month. My carbs mainly come from fruit. I am now in love with quinoa, but I’m starting to like couscous. If I eat rice, it’s brown rice. I’m looking to try zucchini “pasta” and spaghetti squash. For my greens I either have kale, spinach, asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, or string beans. I try to spice everything up a little bit whenever I cook so I don’t get bored. I also eat lots of salads with baby spinach, arugula, mesclun, or romaine lettuce. I rarely eat fried foods any more. Everything is either baked or grilled.

I give myself two cheat days per week, which are usually Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday. I try to have 3-5 times per week. It is very time consuming! I have eliminated soda from my life, well 95%. Since I started this jersey, I haven’t had the urge to drink soda. I did a few times when I was stressed lol (don’t judge me). If I drink juice it is 100% juice and must have less than 25 grams of sugar. I mainly drink iced green tea. It helps with stress and belly fat as well. I drink a lot more water than before, I’m about 16 oz shy of the required 64 oz. I also try not to eat a heavy meal after 7:30pm. I try not to eat anything heavy 2-3 hours before going to bed. I will have a light snack though.

This is what I’m doing so far and I have a lot more energy as well and I don’t feel heavy.

So what do you do to make sure you are eating right? I need more options!

Hey my fitness go-getters!

I am on Spring Break and I was unable to do my weekly routine with my colleagues :(. I promised myself that I will not lose any momentum and continue to WORK to reach my goals. I have yet to get on a scale to see how much I currently weigh because my scale takes a special battery and it just recently died. So I’ve been learning about my results through photos and comments from other people. I hear more and more comments about how I’m slimming down in my midsection and also the definition in my legs! I also wore a shirt recently that was way too tight when I purchased it, but now it fits perfectly, and the great thing about this was that one of my friends brought it to my attention! This is just more motivation for me to continue to work.


Besides my weekly sessions with my colleagues, I do intense workouts at home thanks to Discovery Fit and Health Channel, formerly known as FitTv. I can honestly say that the workouts on this channel, specifically with Gilad, are no joke. His plyometric segments are killer! (I’ll talk about plyometrics next week). I like to DVR the workouts so I can go straight through without the long and tedious commercial breaks. This way also allows me to complete two workouts within a 45-minute time span.

My favorite Gilad workouts would have to be the Total Body Sculpt series. Here we work on cardio, strength, and kickboxing and more. Your entire body gets a good workout. Even though I pretty much have the routines down packed they are still a challenge, but I notice my growth each time I workout with the show. I went from struggling to do 5 mountain climbers to now being able to do them at slow to moderate speeds. I say that is progress. You don’t need much to work out at home either. I do have a few free weights that I purchased from Modell’s and I do have resistance bands, but that’s about it. I am thinking about purchasing a stability ball soon though.

Check your local listings for the Discovery Fit and Health Channel and you can visit Gilad’s website here

Discovery Fit and Health also has tons of strange shows, but I mainly watch for Gilad. Do any of you watch any fitness/exercise shows on television?If so which shows?