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Christmas and New Years Eve are right around the corner, so you know what we need…FABULOUS HAIR. Yes you know I am always switching up my hairstyle, but over the last few months I’ve been giving my hair a break from the braids and weaves. I am somewhat of a product junkie and I love trying new things, so I was excited when I was contacted to try out the new Herbal Essence Volume Kit. I just received my kit in the mail so I will have a review for you about these products in 2014 (omg that feels weird). Take a look at what you can expect from this new collection.

My Ordering Process

It was super easy ordering the collection from Walmart. I  went directly to this link here and placed my order on Sunday and was scheduled to receive my products on December 23, 2013. My order shipped Monday and was delivered on Tuesday! I did regular delivery as well so I was very pleased with the delivery process.


Naked Collection Volume Kit
– Kit includes Naked Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, Volumizing Soufflé, Flexible Hold Spritzer and Dry Shampoo.
– Everything you need for irresistible volume!
– Online-only offer.
– Limited-edition kit, available while supplies last.
– Get it first HERE
– Your chance to be the first to try Herbal Essences Naked!


Naked Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
– Restores hair’s natural body.
– Made with zero heavy residues, dyes, and parabens.
– Light weight shampoo provides a clean luscious bounce.
– Conditioner keeps hair detangled, nourished, and maintains full volume.


Naked Volume Dry Shampoo
– Great for days when you don’t have time to wash your hair.
– Refreshes your look for lightweight, clean hair — even on days when you don’t wash.
– The natural tapioca formula absorbs excess oil and transforms lifeless, oily hair into fresh hair.
– Delights senses with the crisp essence of citrus and mint.
– How to use: Gently spray on and work into roots, brush out as desired.


Naked Volumizing Souffle
– Weightless, volumizing styler gives you a lift for fullness that lasts.
– Delights the senses with a boost of grapefruit and mint.
– How to use: Gently work mousse through wet hair for volume.

“The Volume collection lets you bare your softest hair! It has an invigorating blend of white grapefruit and mint extracts. It contains zero dyes to leave your hair naturally clean and full of irresistible volume.”

Click here to purchase

I love when my hair has lots of volume. That’s one of the main reasons I am not bone straight relaxing my hair any longer. My hair used to be flat and dry a few days after a wash, but now that my hair is much thicker it holds the volume, so I cannot wait to see my results after I use this product.

The products do not contain any parabens, heavy residues, or dyes, but they do contain sulfates.

One luck reader has a chance to win a $50 to Walmart courtesy of Herbal Essences to purchase the new Naked Collection Volume Kit.

This giveaway is only open to U.S. Residents and you must be 18 or older to enter

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Disclosure: The gift card for me to purchase the items was provided by Herbal Essences. The giveaway is sponsored by Herbal Essences. The product information in the post was provided by Herbal Essences.

Hey my loves!

With the weather drastically changing to resemble late fall we need to not only adjust our skincare routine, but also our hair routine. The elements of the weather are never on our side. The sun dries our hair out just as much as the cool temperatures. Our clothes are not hair friendly either. Wool, tweed, and other heavy fabrics from sweaters, jackets, scarves, and hats can cause breakage and shedding as well. So this is why most people do protective hairstyles for the winter. One, we can give our hair a break from constant manipulation, and we can also save time in the morning and evening with our hair prep routines.

Here are some protective styles that I am considering to make sure my hair continues to grow and stay healthy during the chilly weather.

1. Senegalese Twists- I’m a huge fan of the style, but I HATE the installation process. The hair braiders that I go to always say, “You have too much hair.” I take it as a compliment though. Since my hair is quite long I have to get them longer than I actually want. It usually takes 3 people over the course of 6hrs to complete.


2. Marley Twists- These are similar to Senegalese twists, but the hair is more coarse and the twists are bigger. 


3. Weave it up!- I want a bang, but I don’t want to cut my hair. So I’m thinking of a weave with bang combo. Maybe a bob cut with a side part and bangs. You have to maintain your hair underneath the same way. So that means washing and deep conditioning.


4. Wigs- I’ve worn wigs before, I would wear a wig again IF it doesn’t look “wiggy.” You can keep your hair in cornrows under a stocking cap. You will still be able to moisturize and seal better with a wig than a weave because you can remove it.


5. Cornrows- This style can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) depending on how you maintain it.


How do you protect your hair during the fall and winter?


Ok so last week I told you all about me coloring and few hair pieces to switch up my look for fall. I dyed black peruvian human hair with Clairol Professional Classic Collection dye in 6N which is dark neutral blonde. Many people felt swindled because they thought I was going totally blonde. Honestly I had no idea that the dark neutral blonde on dark brown hair would make the hair sandy brown. Although I knew I wasn’t bleaching my hair I didn’t know what to expect. I also told you that I would be making my own hair extensions! If you don’t remember, click here. Well why the dyeing process was so easy and effortless the clip-ins were not! The gurus on YouTube make it seem like it was totally simple, but apparently I did not have the proper hair weaving needle :(, but because I’m resourceful and savvy, I made it work!

So check out how I styled my new hair and new look!

Perfect sporty chic outfit!

Perfect sporty chic outfit!

I went sporty chic with my Phillip Lim for Target BOOM Sweatshirt and my leather leggings from H&M. I carried new favorite bag from the Phillip Lim for Target collection and brought the look together with a pair of shoes that I’ve had for the last three or four years from Payless, yes don’t sleep on Payless and their shoes last.



I’m amazed at how great the color looks first because I did it myself, and second because it matches exactly to  my natural hair color. As I’ve stated in previous hair posts, my hair currently has three textures, most of my hair is relaxed, a portion of my hair is texlaxed, and then there is my new growth. My hair also has three different colors and for the Clairol Professional Classic Collection to be so versatile that it matched all three of my hair shades I’m simply blown away.

This picture captures the color so beautifully!

This picture captures the color so beautifully!

Remember the collection offers 16 different shades and because it is easy to use I’m sure you won’t have a problem finding the right color to fit your style needs. The process of coloring took about 10 minutes for the mixture and application and 45-minutes to process without heat. I love my new look and it’s just in time for my birthday too! How exciting is that!

Clairol Logo

Classic makes a comeback. Clairol Professional’s new ‘Classic Collection’ offers 16 timeless shades with a modern formula for brilliant shine and deep conditioning.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Clairol Professional via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Clairol Professional.


Ok so I have a serious love/hate relationship with my hair. Sometimes I get bored and want to do something drastic or new. Sometimes, I’m too afraid to do anything and just rock my classic wrap. Sometimes I want to try new things like experiment with different colors, but I have relaxed/texlaxed hair, which means that it is chemically straightened. I have to take extra care of my hair because I have two (sometimes three) different textures that I’m working with. I have to make sure my hair is always moisturized to prevent unnecessary breakage. I’ve been wanting to experiment with color lately, but I was too afraid to commit and I have also been on a strict hair regimen to get my hair thicker and longer.

I was given the chance to review Clairol Professional Classic Collection hair dye for my own DIY hair dye project. I had to select from 16 different colors to use.

Classic makes a comeback. Clairol Professional’s new ‘Classic Collection’ offers 16 timeless shades with a modern formula for brilliant shine and deep conditioning.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 8.09.28 PM

I selected to the shade 6N which is the Class Dark Neutral Blonde. I told quite a few of my friends that I was dying my hair blonde and they almost freaked out! It was too funny! I chose that shade because it reminded me of light brown and I have shades of this “dark blonde” in my natural hair.

I was a little nervous about this process because I’ve never dyed my hair or anyone’s hair ever in life. I’ve only given myself a rinse, so I was actually a little surprised at how easy it was to use the dye.

Because my hair has recently been processed I was unable to use the dye on my hair so I dyed some hair extensions (100% Peruvian Human Hair) Check out THE EASIEST dye process ever.

Aluminum Foil, Pure White Developer (20), Classic Collection Hair Color in 6N Dark Neutral Blonde, Hair Dye Brush, Tail comb, Mixing/Measuring Bowl

Aluminum Foil, Pure White Developer (20), Classic Collection Hair Color in 6N Dark Neutral Blonde, Hair Dye Brush, Tail comb, Mixing/Measuring Bowl



I first prepped my work station and placed an old towel and three sheets of aluminum foil down on the table. Then I poured the developer and hair color into the mixing bowl.


I mixed the products together thoroughly and got this color here…


I then combed out the hair and laid it flat on the aluminum foil. Notice the color of the hair is a dark deep brown. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure if the hair would be able to be lightened without the use of bleach or stripping the hair color.


I then applied the mixture to both sides of the hair and wrapped the hair in the foil and let sit for 45-minutes. The color went from a milky beige to a dark brown once I removed the aluminum foil.

Here is the end result (all photos were taken in natural light without flash)


You can clearly see that the hair has been lightened. When I first unwrapped the foil I was a little nervous because it looked like it did when it started. I washed the dye out and applied a conditioner to the hair and rinsed thoroughly. Then I used a blowdryer to dry the hair and this was the end result.


It turned out to be a a nice sandy brown which matches my natural hair completely. I can’t wait to add these extensions my hair to add more body and fullness to my natural hair.

This is my natural hair and natural hair color (People think I dye it but I don't) This photo was taken in February/March of 2013

This is my natural hair and natural hair color (People think I dye it but I don’t) This photo was taken in February/March of 2013

The prep and coloring process took about 15-minutes. The time that it took to process the color was about 45-minutes, which is the max time recommended on the box. The only problem that I did have the process was the strong smell of ammonia from the dye.

Stay tuned to see the final results!

Clairol Logo

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Clairol Professional via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Clairol Professional.

Hey my loves!

I’m here today with another hair chronicles post. I think these will be a little more frequent now that I am experimenting with different things regarding my hair. If you have been following this blog for a while or if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you know I rarely keep a hairstyle for more than two months, unless it is my signature doobie wrap. Well for the 1st part of 2013 (January-March) I wore my signature wrap. From March until May I had a weave. From May to the end of June I had a weave and cornrow combination going on. From June until August I had my poetic justice box braids. I took my braids out last week and now I’m at that stage where I have no idea what I want to do with my hair. I have only relaxed my hair twice this year, once in January and once in March. I am currently 5 months and 2 weeks post relaxer and this is the longest that I have been without a relaxer since my middle school days. I usually stretch my relaxer for about 3 months, but I’ve been doing a lot more protective styling than usual.

I say all of that to say I have no idea what to do with my hair now. I’m not sure if I want to long term transition natural, big chop, texlax/texturize my hair, protective style, or get another relaxer. Since I took out my braids I’ve worn a bun for a week and now I’m rocking a flexi rod set. Anyway so yesterday I co-washed my hair, but before that I did an avocado hair mask. My friend Melissa mentioned she used one and her hair came out great. So I decided to put my own little mask together.



  • 2 small avocados
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp of natural honey
  • 1 egg

Rationale: The avocado hair mask is a great deep conditioner. It adds shine and moisture to dry and brittle hair. The egg is great for protein hair repair.  Honey is great for moisture and olive oil is great for making your hair more manageable, softer, and it adds shine, just like avocados.


I mixed all of the ingredients in my Ninja blender and let cool in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Make sure there are no lumps in the mix. It should be a smooth paste. Before I let it cool I was tempted to taste it because it smelled so good lol. While the mix was cooling I detangled my hair and separated it into four sections. I then applied the mixture to each section similar to how my relaxers are applied. I focused mainly on my new growth and the line of demarcation and then worked my way down to my ends. My hair is pretty long and VERY THICK. So I used a lot of the mix to make sure all of my hair was coated. I had less than 1/4 left after applying a generous amount to all four sections. I then covered my hair with  a plastic cap for about 45-minutes. I then rinsed my hair. Make sure you rinse your hair THOROUGHLY. You do not want to find little bits of avocado in your hair throughout the week lol.



My hair was much softer than my previous wash. It was also smoother and silkier. Then I co-washed my hair Pantene’s Truly Relaxed Moisturizing Conditioner (the only one in my house). My hair felt incredible once I was done with the wash process. My hair was not tangled and it was easy to comb through. I applied a leave-in conditioner, sealed my hair with a mix of oils and then blow dried my hair. I think I’m going to continue using the avocado mask each time I wash my hair because it made my hair easy to manage with the two different textures.

Have you ever used a DIY hair mask? What’s your go to recipe?