Usually in the fall and winter I rarely wear skirts and dresses. The I’ll do is throw on a sweater dress, tights, and knee boots and keep it moving. I’m trying to break that habit by purchasing more skirts and dresses in heavier fabrics for the fall and winter and that brings me to the quilted skirt.

I remember when I was in elementary school my mom made my brother, sister, and I take our school picture together. I was in 3rd grade and I wore a yellow/gold quilted skirt with a purple shirt with gold buttons. My sister wore the same skirt but with a red shirt and my brother had on some type of shirt to compliment our colors. We looked cute (too bad I don’t have a picture to confirm this) take my word for it lol. We didn’t call them quilted skirts back then, they were called popcorn skirts, but you get the idea.

I felt a little nostalgic as I was looking through my September issue of InStyle Magazine so I had to hunt down some modern options of what I once wore back in elementary school. Here are my picks

Fall Must Have: Quilted Skirts

Mango quilted skirt
$31 –

Miss Selfridge quilted skirt

River Island panel skirt
$34 –

Quilted skirt
$31 –

River Island zipper skirt
$28 –

I can definitely see myself rocking the red skater skirt from River Island, the midi from TopShop, and the quilted skirt with the zipper from Fashion Union.

Which would you rock?


  1. I tried one quilted skirt from H&M,thinking it would look good on me wouldn’t show my belly bulge,but their largest size was still too small for me.

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