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We’re only four days away from one of the summer’s biggest music festivals! I haven’t started packing for my little Philly weekend getaway because I’m making sure I have everything I need to “Survive Made in America.” Thousands of people are going to be in attendance and there are strict rules. Once you are in the festival you stay in until you are ready to leave because there is no re-entry. So I’ve come up with this little survival guide to get you through the two-day festival.

The website specifies what you cannot bring

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Illegal or Illicit substances of any kind
  • Outside food & drink (except your factory sealed water)
  • Pets (except service animals)
  • Flyers, handbills, posters, stickers (no solicitation allowed)
  • Chairs
  • Glass containers
  • Skateboards, motorized vehicles or Scooters
  • Coolers
  • Professional recording devices or cameras (no-detachable lenses or tripods or other commercial uses)
  • Glowsticks
  • Laser Pointers
  • Items to obstruct other fan’s views (kites, flag poles, large signs, etc)

Here is what you can bring

  • Blankets, towels
  • Umbrellas (small hand held only)
  • Factory sealed water bottle (1 per person up to 1 liter)
  • Empty water containers, empty Camelbacks
  • Non-professional cameras, flip-cams
  • Non framed backpacks and bags (subject to search)
  • Encouraged items: sunscreen, sunglasses, government issued ID, cash/debit card.
Remember to stay hydrated! Water is key especially in the heat and if you consume alcoholic beverages.

Remember to stay hydrated! Water is key especially in the heat and if you consume alcoholic beverages.

Her Goody Bag Survival Kit

It seems like a lot but all of these items can fit in a regular size cross body bag. So what would you include in your survival kit?

Still need ideas on what to wear? Check out our style guide for the festival

Ok so next weekend (Labor Day Weekend) I’m taking my talents to Philly. Yes I will be attending the Made in America Festival both days and I am super excited. I can’t wait to see all of the artists, eat great food, and enjoy a few libations while watching artists like 2 Chainz, Emeli Sande, Solange, Kendrick Lamar, and King Bey.

The festival has some STRICT guidelines (Click here to read) on what is permitted in the park and what’s not. There will be lots of walking and standing (chairs are not allowed). Blankets and towels are permissible, but I’m not sure how long you will be able to sit before it gets crowded and people are standing in front of you.


Anyway here are just a few looks that are comfortable and stylish for attending a music festival. Stay tuned next for my festival survival kit. I have a list of essentials that you will definitely need to survive “Made In America.”

Look 1

Festival Look #1

Look 2

Festival Look #2

Look 3

Festival Look #3

Look 4

Festival Look #4

Other options are printed pants, maxi dresses, or just your regular jeans and a tank (I didn’t want to give you outfit overload)

Stay tuned for the looks that I chose for the festival next weekend! Will any of you be there?

One of the “It” colors for fall besides your traditional colors like rust, burgundy, wine, camel, forest green, and your neutrals black, white, grey, and navy is BLUE. Not only is it the beloved color of my illustrious sorority (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.) It is just a great way to spice up an outfit on a dreary fall day. Check out my wish list featuring this fab color

Wednesday's Wish List: I've Got the Blues


These pieces will go with a variety of things. I’m all for getting the most out of the items in my closet and those Bow Tie Flats from Mod Cloth may just make a special appearance in my closet this fall.

What’s on your wish list this week?

Let’s say a prayer for the tech geniuses inventing amazing little apps that will make our lives easier *Amen* Although some social media sites are misused by a select group of people technology has come a long way and it is very useful. They have apps for practically everything. I download quite a few apps often but only a few have stood the test of time. In the September issues of Better Homes and Gardens there was a feature on a few fashion apps that will make your life a little easier and of course more stylish. They mentioned four apps but only three are available for the iPhone, but I’ll cover them all (yes I have some love for you Android users).


The 1st app that isn’t free, but totally worth the price, is Stylebook

Price $3.99

What it does: Stylebook organizes your closet by categorizing your clothing and accessories. You take a picture of each item and use the app to plan outfits. You can even get advice on how to care for your clothing.


The 2nd app is for android users only and it is called Mirror

Price: Free 99

What it does: Mirror comes in handy when you don’t have your little compact mirror in your bag. It turns your phone screen into a mirror and allows you to zoom and  freeze-frame. I usually just use my front facing camera, but this eliminates accidentally taking a photo of yourself with salad in your teeth.


The 3rd app is Shop Kick and is for both Android and iPhone users

Price: Free dollars

What it does: With over 7,000 stores to check-in you can get rewards for “window-shopping.” You earn points when you check in and bonus points when you make a purchase. You can then cash in your points for a gift card or credit.


The 4th app is Poshmark which is only for iPhone users (I actually have this downloaded now Here’s my closet)

Price: Free (I didn’t have a clever way of saying free lol)

What it does: Poshmark is like eBay and thrift stores specifically for fashion and at your fingertips. You setup an account create a listing  to sell your items. You follow other members “closets” to make purchases or trades. There are also themed online parties where you can sell and trade items. What’s even better you can connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your closet, get followers, and make sells.

What fashion apps do you all currently use? Which are you going to download?

Lately we have been experiencing real fall weather. One day it was like 59 degrees in certain parts of NYC. That is not normal for August, but we can’t control the weather. This week we are in the high 80s (woop woop), but who knows what the weather will be like the first week of September.

If the weather cooperates and acts like it is supposed to, right now we don’t have to put all of our summer clothes away because some things can be transitioned into fall, even as late as October. One piece that was somewhat popular this summer was the sleeveless blazer. It’s not exactly a vest, it’s more sophisticated and can make any look more polished.


Here are three reasons why the sleeveless blazer is the perfect fall layering piece

Reason #1 it can be paired with your denim jacket or leather jacket for a more modern look. Leather sleeves are huge once again this fall and you can transform a denim jacket. Pair it with your favorite jeans and t-shirt and a pair of boots for a great fall look.

Sleeveless Blazer #1

Reason #2 it can be worn with your favorite work dress. This is how we can make the most of our wardrobe! Pair the sleeveless blazer with your favorite long sleeve dress and add a belt to cinch your waist.

Sleeveless Blazer #2

Reason #3 it can be paired with your favorite cardigans and sweaters. Sometimes we just need a little extra warmth and this may be the perfect piece before we  pull out our heavier jackets.

Sleeveless Blazer Look #3

You can make your own sleeveless blazer for cheap. Head to your local thrift shop or salvation army and look for a blazer either fitted or oversized (I’d go with a size or two bigger). Cut sleeves along the armhole. If you are good at hemming garments, you can hem the area you just cut or take it to the tailor to be hemmed. You can also attach the sleeves to another item for a new look! Also look for blazers of different prints and textures as well.

I’m thinking of a DIY project….what about you?