Last week I featured Solange Knowles and Eve for a Style Files Post (click here to read) Well Kim asked for a look for less post with items similar to what Solange and Eve rocked. Instead of showcasing two or three looks I have over 100 items Under $100 that you can add to your wardrobe to achieve the looks of Solange and Eve.

So here are my tips for rocking neon and bright colors for the summer

1. Color block! Sometimes color blocking can be over done, but not when it comes to the summer. Pair complimentary colors that don’t over power each other. So rock a purple crop top, royal blue jeans, and a pink handbag.

2. Pair a solid top with printed bottoms. So if you aren’t a pro at color blocking, try working with a printed bottom. Whether it is a pair of printed pants or shorts, pair with a solid top in one of the colors in the prints. I would pair with the least dominant color to make it pop.

3. Shoes, shoes, shoes! So if you aren’t fond of rocking bold color apparel then gold bold with your shoes! Whether you are rocking a wedge, ballet flats, sandals, or pumps try a pair in hot pink, lime green, or neon orange to brighten up your look.

4. Accessorize! You can rock this trend in simple ways like with your handbag, sunglasses, and jewelry. I love the look of a white tank and white jeans with neon shoes and accessories. It’s perfect for the summer and spring.

5. Be confident! This is the most important tip! You will attract a lot of attention rocking these bright colors so own your look!

Here are over $100 items of apparel, shoes, and accessories…happy shopping!



  1. Thank you!

  2. Here’s a public service announcement from your resident fashionista: wear colorful shoes! Most women stick to brown or black shoes because they “go with everything”, but with a little imagination, so can colorful shoes! Now that spring is here and summer is approaching, it is the perfect time to put away your boots and have fun with colorful flats and heels. The great thing about a pair of shoes in eye-popping colors is that they add so much interest to an otherwise boring and ordinary outfit. But how exactly can you pull off colorful shoes without looking like you’re swimming in paint? Read on to find out!

  3. Hey there Janique! I thought I’d just drop a quick note here to let you know I’ve been reading around the net and stumbled on your website – I think via a comment you made on Anyhow, I like what you’re doing here!

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