king obama

Today is January 21, 2013. It is the day of observation for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and the day of President Barack Obama’s Inauguration for his 2nd term as the President of the United States making another mark in the history of the United States. I believe that we are all destined to be great. God did not only set out to make a few people remarkable. One thing that we must be sure not to do is to compare our level of greatness to others.

Everyone that plays basketball is not destined to be the next Michael Jordan. Everyone that sings and entertains is  not destined to be the next Michael Jackson.We must not determine our value based on someone else’s accomplishments because we may fall short. We all have a chance to be historic. Look at your life- talents, gifts, abilities- and find ways for you to improve your knowledge and skill on a daily basis. We must take steps toward living the best life that we can live. Your historic moment may be going to the gym consistently for a month, or your historic moment can be completing your to do list in full throughout a week. It may be completing community service activities or simply releasing grudges to reconnect with someone in your past. We must look at the “small things,” because it is those things that lead to greatness. Your historic moment may not make national news and it may not land you on the cover of a popular magazine, but that does not diminish your accomplishment.

So in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Ceremony, do something historic today. Leave your mark in the lives of people you come in contact with everyday. Be a fragrance and not an odor. When you enter a room people should be filled with delight instead of contempt. So what will you do to be historic? What mark will you leave?

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