As summer winds down the inevitable happens… School returns to session. If you were smart enough to avoid summer session and enjoy your break setting your alarm clock is going to be a drag.  Ahh oh well man up and get those textbooks cracking with these Fall looks that will have your style GPA in the top percentile.


As a man ages so should his wardrobe. Classic styling like plaid and loafers go a long way. Grab your favorite fitted jean and complete the look. Its also perfect when your done with class and need to unwind at the local hangout. Not much to say here just move along and add these stand



When those temps change in your closet should be many types of sweaters. A shawl neck cardigan can be a life saver when those winds change and the degrees drop. Versatile enough to be worn open or closed as well as buttoned up or casual with 2 left open. Classic wool cap closes off this style with non athletic sneakers. This chukka style shows your more than just a hypebeast. I love solid full rinsed jeans with almost any look.


Obviously when school opens up your looking to impress. Gotta have the heat on the feet. One of the hottest Jordans to come out during the summer will accomplish this for you. But is that it? Nope you gotta turn it up a notch and keep the theme going with Olympic inspired gear such as this hoodie from Polo. Next step ditch the sneaker / jean combo. I love to grab a straight chino to pull this outfit together. Shows your about business even when your keeping it funky.


If you know me this look is a standard for me. So why change what isnt broke. Button down with a elegant cardigan added to your freshest kicks keeps things moving along quite nicely. Obviously your favorite jean is a must but do stay away from the oversize, meaning length and waist. Elbow patches and this seasons hot patterned fabric in Gingham might keep the eyes off the blackboard and solely on you.

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