Most of the time I try to prepare my outfits for work on Sunday. Every Sunday after church I stand in front of my closet thinking…hmmm what am I going to wear this week? Well I manage to put together 4 looks for Monday-Thursday. Since Fridays are casual I throw on a pair of jeans and top and call it a day. So I usually start with the outfit basics like a dress, pants, top or whatever. I never think about my accessories.

Well fashion guru Lloyd Boston says it’s easier to “dress from small to big.” Meaning start with your accessories and build from their. He says “Start with the littlest detail that you’ll wear and build up to the big pieces for a totally unexpected look. An earring can inspire a total ensemble. Select a  small iece that has a story, some character, a history, and unique details to pull from. “

I never thought about UBD (understanding by design-backwards design) for clothing. If anything I would start with the shoes that I would want to wear, but never the accessories. So ladies (and gents) for that unexpected look start styling from the littlest detail.

Here is an ensemble that I built using this tip. I started with the layered necklace and went from there.


  1. Hmmm …. I will give it a try, though normally I start with my big pieces. I ask myself what mood I’m in, what item do I have that will convey it, and then add layers and/or accessories to balance things out.

    • Janique says:

      I usually build from the larger pieces also, but I have been giving this a try and it is not so bad. I now wear a lot more of my accessories than before. I guess it is good if you want to get all of your pieces in rotation.

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