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2011 December

Archives for December 2011

As the new year approaches the excitement of starting anew rises. What better way to ring in the new year than to be dressed your absolute best. There are many ways to make your style your own and with the abundance of party options these ideas will help you stand out.

Casual Chic

Fun times with friends partying at the house or local club/lounge allows you to showcase your style the best. Remain comfortable but look like you took hours to get ready. Shawl neck sweater paired with plaid shows sophisticated fun, pair with your favorite jean and fly kicks you’re good money. The bow-tie puts it together for the occasion.

Suits You

Upscale event demands decorum and good taste. Style is also quintessential. Take your regular 9-5 suit and add a little flair. Differentiate patterns in your tie and dress shirt, accessorize with tie clip & pocket square (cuff links if shirt is french cuff). Comfortable shoes are must to dance the night away. Colorful socks add flair. C’mon its NYE, leave seriousness at the door.

Once You Go Black (Tie)

Elegance usually means a bunch of penguins. Stand out from the crowd while maintaining the normal tux look. Plaid bow tie paired with contrasting jacket and tuxedo pants makes sure your style will never fall in line.

Always make sure your style shines and if I don’t see you when the ball drops Happy New Year!

With only 2-days left in the year it is time to see if I accomplished the goals I set for 2011. In 2010 I declared that I would do the following

Fashion and Beauty (Click here for 2011 goals post)

  1. Shop my closet:
  2. Create more creative looks
  3. Buy more accessories
  4. Use my makeup
  5. Hair Rules: I want to try different styles.
  6. Nails, Nails, Nails do manicures weekly
  • I am happy to say that I accomplished 5/6! I began utilizing more of the pieces in my wardrobe. I did a lot more mixing and matching and in the end created more versatile and creative looks. I killed two birds with one stone.
  • I did purchase quite a bit of accessories this year. I bought  more statement pieces and included a lot more color
  • I wore a full face of make up at least twice a week for the first half of the year and also September-October. I limited my makeup use during the summer for obvious reasons.
  • I cut my hair!!! I can’t believe I did such a drastic thing. I went from having hair just below my shoulder to this asymmetrical cropped look. It was such a huge change but I loved it.
  • I did not do my nails every week like I wanted. I tried, but this did not happen. Maybe next year.

 Now the goals that I had for the blog were (click here for the full post)

  1. A new look/layout for the blog
  2. Do more giveaways
  3. Exclusive reporting of stores and boutiques
  4. Host an event
  5. Styling/Wardrobe Consulting
  6. Better content

I accomplished 4/6 goals set for HGB!

  • The new layout, header, and featured gallery debuted this year!
  • I hosted a total of giveaways this year!
  • I did not do any exclusive reporting or host an event because I did not manage my time well or utilize all of my resources, but this will change in 2012.
  • I began offering personal styling services and have acquired new clients! Book me here for a consultation
  • I started new segments on the blog called What to Wear and the Luxe List. I also enlisted the help of a friend/fellow blogger  Rob to do the writing for men’s wear.

This has been a great year for Her Goody Bag so here are my goals for 2012

  1. Time management! Manage my time between God, family/friends, work, social life, and the blog of course
  2. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! I am a terrible networker. I have a problem striking up conversations with random people. I know in order for the blog to grow and for me to grow as a person I need to break through this ‘shy shell’ and get out there! I need to meet and build relationships with more bloggers, designers, boutiques/stores, and brands.
  3. Comment more on blogs/facebook- I visit a lot of blogs but rarely leave comments. I love reading your comments and I am sure other bloggers feel the same. Also share links of posts that I enjoy reading
  4. Improve social Her Goody Bag’s media presence- I need to engage my readers more on Facebook and Twitter. So if you haven’t already follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook
  5. Host an event. Even if it is something small and only 15 people show up I would be grateful.
  6. New look for the blog. It’s that time to revamp again.
  7. Better content and I want to focus on developing my YouTube channel more as well.
  8. Community Service! I have to start giving back, so I will be looking in to volunteering with women’s shelters and other organizations to help women Look Good. Feel Great. Live Better.
  9. Interact more with my readers! I truly appreciate all of you and there will be a new segment added to the blog next week focusing on you! Stay tuned.

Well this will be an interesting ride. My vision board is almost completed. 2011 has been great and I am looking forward to 2012.

What are some of your goals? Have you created a vision board? Share your goals with us by leaving a comment! I will be featuring vision boards on the blog next week so get  yours done to make it on HGB!

Happy New Year!

2011 has been an incredible year. God has truly blessed me in all areas of my life and I am forever grateful for everything. I realize that I could have done more for myself, others, and the blog, but everything happens for a reason and I just pray that I will have the opportunity in 2012 to do even more great things bringing honor to his name.

I have so many wonderful moments in 2011 and this can be an extremely long blog post, but I will narrow it down just to my top 5 greatest moments in 2011.

1. Best Fashion/Beauty Blog Nomination/Finalist for the Black Weblog Awards

So this was  TOTAL shock to me. I was in Target and checked my email and I started jumping up and down like a crazy woman. People were looking at me like what’s wrong with this chick? I was so surprised because there are so many great fashion/beauty blogs in the blogsphere and I didn’t realize that I had so many people who supported me. I was up against blogging gurus like Claire from the Fashion Bomb and Patrice from Afrobella. It was such an honor to see Her Goody Bag in the same category as them. It is a great feeling when you are recognized and this would not have happened if it wasn’t for all of you so thank you, thank you, thank you!

2. Attending my first New York/Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

(Joy Cioci SS 12)

When I started this blog almost three years ago I never thought that I would attend any shows at the infamous tents. I would see bloggers post about shows and their photos from shows and I always wondered how they were able to attend. It was always a dream that seemed so far way. I never thought that Her Goody Bag would get invites to shows but it goes to show you that hard work pays off. I did my research, connected with the right people, and I was off to my first Fashion Week! I attended so many shows and hung out with some of my favorite bloggers (Kitty Bradshaw, O So Chic, Tineey, Fashion Steele). I also got my first Street Style feature on Essence.com.

3. Meeting Jeannie- Mai at the Open Sky Event

Now if you know me, you know I live for What Not to Wear and How Do I Look. I love all style and makeover shows because I love seeing a person’s transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. When I first started watching How Do I Look I was just mesmerized by Jeannie’s style and personality. I wanted to do for people what she did and meeting her was just awesome. I went totally groupie and my friend Kim laughed at me lol. I didn’t care! Jeannie has such a great personality and is so down to earth, the perfect match with great style.

4. Joining NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-Up Group

Earlier this year I joined the NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-Up Group. Thanks to those ladies I was able to attend many great events and build new friendships with many of them. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started taking more risks because these ladies are fly. I also completed my first ever DIY project and started shopping at more vintage/thrift stores.

5. Attending IMATS and the Makeup Show

I absolutely love makeup, not as much as a MUA though. I was able to attend two top trade-shows for the beauty industry. I learned great techniques, met great people, and also received some amazing products. I had so many swag bags it was ridiculous. I have to send a special shout out to my friend Kim the MUA because she has helped me tremendously in this area.

I am very pleased with the progress Her Goody Bag has made in 2011 and you can only expect greater things in 2012. There were many more great moments, but

What were some of your top moments of the year?

2011 was also the year of collaborations. It seems like every time I turned around a high end designer was creating a line with lower-end retailers. Take a look at who made our list

Missoni for Target

This collaboration caused mayhem in stores and online. The  Target website crashed because of all the people trying to grab everything from a bike to a dress. I don’t think Target or Missoni knew the type of madness that was bound to happen, but it was all in the name of fashion. The Missoni line was the most diverse offering pieces for men, women, children and even items for the home. What was most appealing to many was the bold use of color and the intricate zig-zag design Missoni is known for.

Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s

Karl Lagerfeld, the genius behind the Chanel brand, stepped out of the box as well and created a 45 piece collection. Filled with flirty dresses, structured/tailored pieces, and Chanel inspired dresses, we were able to get the luxe look and feeling without shelling out tons of cash. The line was priced between $50-$170 so many fashionistas were happy with that.

Versace for H&M

I think this collaboration had to be the biggest and most talked about. Celebs swarmed the fashion show preview. I have never seen so many celebs in pieces from a collaboration line. People like Garcelle Beauvais, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Jessica Alba, and more were spotted in these pieces. This was definitely the most anticipated line and it did not fail. I loved the bold use of color, mixed prints and textures, and intricate designs. Hopefully there will be a part 2.

What was your favorite collaboration?

This has been an interesting year when it came to fashion. There were so many trends that everyone loved, and quite a few that many hated. Here are a few of the trends that most celebs and everyday fashionistas like yourselves rocked during 2011.

Maxi Skirts

The look of the maxi skirt was originally very boho chic, but in 2011 the glam factor was definitely added. What I love most about maxi skirts are their low maintenance and high functionality. These skirts can be dressed up and paired with heels, or worn with your favorite t-shirt and gladiator sandals.


Animal Print

I wouldn’t call animal prints trendy, but many fashion gurus believe it is. I personally believe that animal prints are classic and timeless, but I’m just a lil ol’ fashion blogger. Anyway animal print made its way to many of our favorite celebs in the forms of jackets, dresses, skirts, tops, pants (thanks Lil’ Wayne), and of course shoes. I must say my animal print collection has expanded from my little zebra print cardigan and leopard print bodycon skirt tremendously.


Cut-out Dresses

Only the physically fit and sexy should have partaken in this trend. I wouldn’t dare put on a cut-out dress because of my extra baggage, so I stayed away from it lol. Celebs like Ciara wore cut-out dresses and had us wanting to run to our nearest gym for a membership! When done the proper way it is sexy, yet sophisticated.


Sky High Platforms

Christian Louboutin is known for exotic heels, but his Daffodil’s had everyone on edge. The sky high hidden platform looked a bit intimidating to the average eye, but fashionista’s all over made this their number one pick. Along with Christian Louboutin, Jessica Simpson and Jeffrey Campbell made a lot of noise with the Dany Platform (JS) and the Lita’s (JC). When I saw those shoes in various stores I was like who would wear those, but to my surprise they were very comfortable and easy to walk in. I didn’t want to jump on the Dany and Lita bandwagon because they so weren’t my style and I felt like I was only buying them because every other fashion blogger had them so I strayed away. Anyway this was the year of the sky high heel and it looks like 2012’s top trend won’t have a heel at all.


I think you would all agree when I say that color-blocking had to be the biggest trend of 2011. I mean every where you looked from young to old, famous or not, everyone was rocking this trend. It was definitely a show stopper. When rocking this trend you felt bold and beautiful. This had to be my favorite trend of the year.

What was your favorite trend?