I just recently started going back to the gym. I know most people work out before the summer to get their body’s in shape, but not me. I wait until summer is over to work on the pudge. I know Fall will be here soon and I will be piling on the layers, but I still need to lose a few pounds so that my clothes fit properly.  

Anyway, once I leave the gym I am a sweaty mess. My hair is soaked and by time I get home it is very dry.

Since I cut my hair short I can’t go back to the comfort of my beloved pony’s. I get my hair done once every 2 weeks and my hair does not last at all anymore. I started washing my own hair, which alleviates the cost of me going to the salon once a week, but I still want my hair to last longer. Is this even possible?

Here are some tips that I found that worked for other people

  • Wear your hair in a ponytail
  • Wrap your hair and tie with a bandana *if you sweat excessively do not tie your hair*
  • Make sure your hair is away from your neck and forehead
  • Try a leave-in-conditioner
  • Blow dry your hair as soon as you finish working out *too much heat*
  • Use a dry shampoo- it removes the oil and dirt in between washes

Before I run out and buy these products, I want to know what works for you all.

Are any of you having the same dilemma as I am? What do you do with your hair once you leave the gym?


  1. Hey Girl! I’m all natural now so I don’t have problems with working out but when I did relax my hair I use to wrap it then put on a bandana and then when I got home I use to blow dry it after I took the sweaty bandana off and put on a silk scarf while it was still wrapped. Back then I also worked out at night so by the time I woke up my hair was good to go!!
    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Latonya! I’ll try this maybe once a week. I don’t want to put too much heat to my hair with the blow dryer. I usually don’t wear a scarf or bandana, because I sweat excessively but I’ll give it a try.

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